Makita Angle Grinder: Main Specs
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Makita Angle Grinder: Main Specs

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If you start repairing your house or cottage, you should get a Makita battery grinder brushless tool in the first place. With its help you can do a lot of repair work: quickly cut and send many materials. It works equally effectively with stone, brick, cement, marble, wood, and metal. It is also possible to punch holes for electrical wiring in the walls and even pretty decent-cut ceramic tiles. The grinder is great for scraping, peeling off old paint or varnish, sanding surfaces, and cutting edges.  In general, this tool is for all occasions. The grinder is so handy and versatile in its application that people say: do what you want with it, just put the right nozzle. Today we're doing a small review of the Makita battery angle grinder

Makita battery angle grinder: what should you know? 

The Japanese company Makita is the market leader in the production of quality and affordable power tools. This international company has its productions not only in Japan but also in the UK, USA, Romania, and China. The official stores are almost in all countries in Europe, as well as in many countries around the world. The products of this company have a huge variety, different price range. The main advantage of this brand is a large widespread service network and low prices for spare parts. Makita cordless angle grinder with battery and charger is no exception. This tool has specifications of a professional one, with a powerful battery.  

Makita brushless angle grinder specs 

  • Barcode: 0088381733823.
  • The maximum thickness of the wheel is 6.5 mm.
  • The maximum. wheel diameter - 230 mm.
  • The bore diameter is 22.23 mm.
  • Weight - 5.3900.
  • Voltage / power: 40 V.

You can buy Makita angle grinder in the UK Planet Tools online store at a promotional price. Original products and warranty from the store are the factors that make this company the best on the market.