Why Managers Should Go For Product Owner Certification
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Why Managers should go for Product Owner Certification

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Nowadays, in the dynamic and competitive corporate domain, It is so highly recommended for project managers to pursue contemporary Product Owner Certification. Skill development is a continuous process which is also essential to stay updated in the industry. Team leaders or managers are solely responsible for the on-time delivery value and the various phases of execution of the project.

Managers who incline to manage the available resources to develop the quality product should know about their roles and responsibilities in developing a successful product that satisfies both the stakeholders and the end customer.

In the corporate market, managers must be highly skillful to oversee the team subjects, evaluate the resources and placing the right skill on the right task. Product owner certification imparts the in-demand corporate skills to develop a project and deliver them on time.

Corporates adopt lean principles, agile and scrum methodologies to track the progress of the project. So managers in the corporate enterprise should have the knowledge on these project management methodologies. Certified Scrum Product Owner certification facilitates these essential skills to the managers to look after the project without any ambiguity.

Who is a Product Owner?

Product owner is the key person in every scrum product development cycle. He/she is responsible for maximizing the core value and quality of the end product at every stage of the development. In agile methodology a product owner holds almost every responsibility from project manager, business analyst, market strategist to customer liaison.

Product owner is simply who owns every development of a product. By being a manager in a corporate enterprise it is absolutely worthy to get certified as a product owner to acquire the broad spectrum of skills to take up the command over the development of the value product in all stages and in every team.

Key 10  roles and responsibilities of a Product Owner

Now we are going to look into what are the key roles and crucial responsibilities of a product owner in a development cycle.

  1. Distinguishing the Vision of the Product

    Have a distinct vision about the product and explain it in simple terms to the stake holders, team and the end user.

  2. Management of Product Backlog

    Product backlog is a dynamic and key list of live document that is subject to change according to the ever changing needs of the customer. Managing a product backlog is again a key role.

  3. Needs Prioritization

    Prioritising the requirements and executing the project accordingly.

  4. Supervising the Product development stages

    Overseeing every stage of the project every now and then. Updating the team with the required resources.

  5. Predicting the needs of the end user

    Analysing the market and predicting the needs of the client.

  6. Primary point of contact, the key stakeholder

    Acting as a primary point of contact to resolve the queries and coming up with the best solution.

  7. Evaluation of the outcomes at each stage

    Evaluating the quality and value of the product inference at each stage of the product development.

  8. Contributing in Sprint meetings

    Actively participating scrum sprints and placing valuable points to iterate on the project.

  9. Eliminating a sprint when there is a change in requirements

    If a project needs a change of direction then cancelling a sprint and forming a new mode of operations.

  10. Communicating to stakeholders, scrum teams and the end customer

    Effectively communicating the project updates to every other member in the product development cycle.

These are the significant roles and responsibilities of a product owner in a project development cycle.

Why Managers should be Product owners?

Yup, Manager are key resources in any team where people approach them for resolving their ambiguities. So a manager holds the vital role in any product development cycle. Being certified as a product owner, a manager could establish his/her function more effectively with the knowledge and skill of the certification.

The product owner certification would give the managers an enormous skill and experience towards handling an issue or resolving it. It is highly recommended for a manager to acquire this certification to operate the development cycle in more productive way possible.

What are the benefits of Product Owner Certification?

Benefits is the global class skill to operate any project effectively. It nourishes the skill of person to handle the problems in more constructive manner.

Product owner certification would be as a beacon directing a manager towards a solution when there arises any crisis. It is recognised globally across the countries. Having product owner certification in your portfolio you could be recognised across the world as a key person in any product development cycle.It is a proof that you could solve any problems in a project.

How can you apply the product owner certification skills in your corporate team?

Apparently, the certification could give you enormous life experience and skills to establish a task in the project. It helps you define the vision, the way to communicate with stake holders, teams and the end user. You could know the ways to prioritize the needs and requirement. Managing the product back log, participating in daily scrum meetings, and supervising the entire team.

A certified product owner helps the team by leading towards a constructive development cycle.  With possibly less or no ambiguity and chaos.

Bottom line

Taking up product owner certification by StarAgile is a quite a prudent choice being a manager. It could help you every now and then in handling the day to day glitches of the project. It makes you recognized as a product owner across the globe. The certification would speak of your skills and ability to tackle every stage of the product development cycle. Take up the certification and be proud to be a globally prominent product owner. Remember product owner is the key stakeholder in any project. 

  1. Distinguishing the Vision of the Product
Have a distinct vision about the product and explain it in simple terms to the stake holders, team and the end user