Rx. Organizational Biopsy
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Rx. Organizational Biopsy

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Research Scholar
Dynamic Cross Cultural business environment is shifting the pardigams of HR fraternity in an interesting way and time is coming where HR Leaders are going to be checked on a Litmus paper of following and replication the cross cultural gene of theirs institutions which can only be done through introspection about their ideas and retro inspecting others thought's. 


Biopsy is a process in which a dead body intersected to find out the probable cause of death of a person.

Rx. Organisational biopsy will give you insight about 8 measures which you can adopt to any company to diagnose it's disease and what can be done to save it's future gene.

1. DNA Intersection - Deoxyribonucleic Acid , Yes this is full form of DNA in biology which is an living being . Can you believe that organizations are much more Living than an human body , Yes ! An organization is not a limited body which carries various body parts, rather It includes Everybody , and a vast collection of Gene Pools from different groups and it is not Double Helix strature who advocates the past legacy of struggles of founders of company nor a Organisational Hierarchy which limits the limits of employees upto certain limits. But it is fire of Excellence which is continusly burning to achieve Excellence and reproduce more leaders for this institution.

2. Cell vs. Vessels' - The protoplasm of organizations works like a process of photosynthesise which converts sunlight into the food and this food is food of thought which continuously moves around from one cubical to another but believe me 4*6 space is suffecint to feed a multi national conglomerate, only the zeal for perfection and light of knowledge is sufficient to nurture this small doers and big thinkers .

3. Magical Neurons - We always blame the Philosophy directly without knowing that , Psychology came before philosophy and the study which affect both psychology and philosophy is Neurology. So converting Ignited Neurons into the "constructive" brain are self sufficient to pump more blood through the veins into the mind as well heart which requires basic outlay of health as to continue the health sensitive study of Stimulus and stimuli seen as both stakeholders and shareholders.

4. Karmik Cardiac - The concept of " Prarabhd" comes from Vedanta philosophy which means your present situation is because of your past good or bad karma. So this Karmic Cycle works continusly without a single beat hindrance of Lubb- dupp and indeed it is the basic requirement of any industry, Culture or Company to survive and live of it's fullest.

5. Out Patient Department - OPD are seem as a general diagnostic section but plays a vital role in the overall impression formation of patients towards doctors as well as hospital.Can be genre as your retail outlets where your prospective customers meet first time with your executive who has came up with a disease (product requirement) and your executives are seems as OPD doctors for them and believe me this first Line Executives (Doctors) Plays most important role of first impression formation about your product or company. So don't under pay them .

6. ICU or EQ - Whenever your serious and  annoyed patients files a complaint, It can have 1000 Hertz higher Frequency than your compliment of satisfied customers.So Emotional Quotient plays a very important role while dealing in emergency so that first you listen the complain cool and camly and then respond towards it and never approach with a critical reaction otherwise situations would be worst than ever.

7. Life Saving Ambulance  - Emergency Siren with Speed of 160 Killometer Per hour can be fast track approach towards life saving but believe me "Every Second Counts" because I get this reply from maximum drivers as they play a key role as important as doctor in saving lives of many people. So fast track and hasstel free complaints solutions of customers work as life saving ambulance service for organizations.

8. Meditation or Mediation - Relaxed, Relax and Relaxing is the only measure to control target  based Anxiety which is internally killing nobel ideas, so when next time any customer comes to you with kind words. First offer him and a glass of water or you can also drink it first and then listen him patently, do not tend to increase your blood pressure and make him as feel Relaxed by your words and actions and believe me half of his complaint solved there itself. So first meditate and then mediate.