Does Facebook Help In Finding A Job?
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Does Facebook help in finding a job?

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Ever thought of logging on to a social networking website to find a job? These sites have become a huge hit with job seekers in India who not only look for career opportunities but also interact with potential employers online. At a time when recession has hit people hard, social networking sites like,, and Facebook are giving a tough competition to job portals.

Your career profile

Making a resume is also easy. Job seekers have to just put their professional-cum-personal profile on the sites and add relevant information under various sub-topics, he said."Your profile builds your image, packages you as a brand and acts as your resume as it reveals relevant information about you and your professional self," added Bansal.

“Through such sites one gets to network with different people from different personal and professional spaces who can be useful in building contacts and getting us the desired jobs,"

Mutual benefits

Another benefit of these sites is that many employers often visit various career oriented groups and communities on these sites to hunt for the right employee. People log on to communities and groups of various companies on these sites. So it is easy to make friends with them and it is also good to build one's contact for the future," she added.

Get a headstart

For students like Rachit Puri, the future looks a bit more bright.

"Even though I am a student still, I have made my profile on such sites so that I can start building contacts from now itself," said Puri, who is a third year student of computer science engineering at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology.

"I make it a point to add people employed with top software firms and, who knows, I may get a call from Microsoft," he said. "Earlier people used to run from pillar to post to build contacts, but now it is possible at just the click of a mouse," he added.

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