Tips For Outsourcing Finance & Accounts Jobs
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Tips for Outsourcing Finance & Accounts Jobs

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Business development and head of operations
See interview of Ashish Kumar Rana
Consider of buying a cellphone, would you go for, "60% Flat off" or "Free 1 year technical after sale services". Frankly speaking, I would go for the secound option. Now another questions jumps into my head, how feasible in going for option secound, when the term outsourcing comes in. An article in New York times once stated, "The service providers need to check the quality, rather integrating price cuts". Now it was yesterday evening when the director of my company asked me, "what is exactly more important in acquiring new clients and retaining existing clients"?

Frankly speaking, when you are dealing in service industry, you ought to provide the best services, considering the quality, so, every one gives best pre sales services, but are they kind enough to provide the best quality too?

Take an example of a CPA in US. He is looking for outsourcing service providers in India. ABC Pvt Ltd comp contacted this CPA and offered 50% discount. The work commenced on 1st Sept and the CPA asked for the  turnaround of 15 days(as the client of CPA wants this work to be done by 16th sep). ABC completed work on 20th, which means they messed up things between that CPA and his client(from where the work was origanaly originated).

In above case, the ABC company should have provided promised turnaround to his CPA client, so as to retain him. Additionally, this company should have some protocols to work on. Security, Best turnaround, Least communication gap is what would had added to the advantage of this company.


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