How Digital Marketing Is Different From Traditional Marketing
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How digital marketing is different from traditional marketing

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Marketing is all about capturing the right audience and it is one of the most fundamental aspects of every business and without marketing you will no longer be able to stand in the market. There are Mainly two types of Marketing. The first one is traditional Marketing and the second one Digital Marketing.

With Evolution of Technology the methods of marketing have changed a lot but still both marketing have their own importance. So it would be totally wrong to say that Traditional Marketing is no longer part of Marketing. Although Digital Marketing has benefits over Traditional Marketing.


Difference Between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

There are A Lot of differences between Digital marketing and traditional marketing but here we are going to discuss a few of them.

Promotion of Products 

Both the Marketing have different platforms for product promotion like In Traditional Marketing the promotion of product generally takes place through Television, Banners, Door to Door sponsorship.and in digital marketing we promote products through Social media , SEO , PPC and many others.

Cost Optimization

In Both Marketing campaigns we have to put some money in but Digital marketing helps you to save a lot of money as they are way much cheaper than Traditional Marketing.

Analytics rate 

We very know that getting the right audience insight is way much helpful for your business as comparison to traditional digital helps a lot to get the right audience insight.


The Reach of traditional marketing is much less than digital marketing as if you are installing banners for promotion then the maximum people who see the result will be from the state but with digital marketing you can show your product to all over the globe.


As if you are in business then you have to hire an agency to promote your product but finding an agency for traditional marketing is harder than for digital marketing.For Digital Marketing you only have to search for the Best Digital Marketing Agency in delhi.

So these are some of the basic differences between Digital Marketing and traditional marketing.