Are Generic Medicines That Costly?
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Are generic medicines that costly?

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MD, StayHappi

India has been lacking the basics of health, education and similar,for ages, and in order to ensure that India gets High-Qualitymedicines at the most affordable price. There are many Indianpharmacies in the country that are not only helping the nation, butalso patients by offering affordable prices where they can makesmart choice while purchasing the medicines.

Generic medicines are basically copies of brand-name drugs thathave the same dosage, intended use, effects, side effects, routeof administration, risks, safety, and strength as the original drug.In other words, their pharmacological effects are the same asthose of their brand-name counterparts, therefore, a genericmedicine is a copy of the original branded product. However,branded medicine is the original product that has been developedby a pharmaceutical company.

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When a company develops a new medicine, their product mustundergo and pass through rigorous tests and evaluations toensure that it is both effective in curing the condition it claims totreat and safe for human use. The pharmaceutical companiesinvest considerable amounts of money to develop a newmedicine. They are given the sole right to manufacture anddistribute the medicine for a period of time. The story of genericsversus branded medicine being used to treat patients all over theworld is not something new. While there is no denial of the factthat good quality generic medicines are always comparable to thebranded ones, their costs are way lower and the quality of theproduct depends on the sophisticated processing as well as manufacturing of a research molecule. The generic medicinemakers don’t face the same costs as manufacturers of brand-name drugs since the brand-name maker often invented the drug,a process that can cost hundreds of crores of rupees.

Patient’s health is the corner stone of our dedication towardsquality to make their lives better and to help them Stay Happy.When it comes to saving lives and making people healthier, whatmatters is the quality of medicines and its timely availability.Around 70% of India’s top brands are manufactured by ourmanufacturing partners that are similar to patented, innovativeand branded medicines.

Besides this, the Government of India is also working to reducethe costs of medicines. In the coming years, it is anticipated thatIndia will witness a transition from brand-name medicines tomolecule-name medicines.

The major advantage of generic medicine use is the cost-benefit. More expensive medicines can sometimes affect people’s abilityto strictly adhere to the dosage schedule prescribed by the doctor,especially when there are many repeats and the medicine has tobe purchased on multiple occasions. In many cases, notcompleting the prescribed dosage of medicines by the doctor willhave negative health effects and the medication will not treat theintended condition as well as it should. For example, a person’sinfection may not be completely eliminated if they stop takingantibiotic medicines too early (although they will often feel finewhen they stop taking the medicine). Having the availability ofcost-effective medication makes it financially easier to continuewith the medication for the whole duration of the prescription. The objective is to provide High-Quality Medicine at the mostaffordable price to the countrymen. Moreover, exclusivity of the drugs allows pharmaceutical companies to recoup losses fromfailed drugs. The profit margins may seem impressive for a singlebrand-name drug, but it is much less impressive given that itsubsidizes the cost of research and failed drugs. Once theexclusivity ends, drug companies are allowed to produce thesame drug, sold under a different brand name. The cost of a non-branded generic drug is as low as 40% to 90% in MRP ascompared to branded drugs for the consumer.

This would enable the common man, especially in remote areas,to get medicines at a much lower cost than the branded drugs asthey cannot afford expensive medications. The main distinctionbetween a brand name medicine and a generic is that brandname drugs are exceptionally costly, while generics are far lessexpensive and are sold by simply the pharmaceutical salt name.The low-cost drugs have expansive ramifications on generalpublic wellbeing and global human rights. India hasunambiguously bought in to the genius general wellbeingcontention, and has explained its position a few times at homeand in international gatherings.

So the question of generic medicines is costly do not come at allin the purview, rather any customer understands the true value ofthe Highest-Quality medicine that he gets in most affordable cost.