Interesting Facts About The Warehouse And Storage Industry
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Interesting facts about the warehouse and storage industry

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 Many people think that warehouse and the storage industries do not make a huge profit. If you are one of them, then you are wrong. Many surveys show that people are not interested in warehouse and storage industries compared to the other industries. Therefore, it is important to understand about these industries.
Every business depends upon storage facilities. Some require a huge amount of storage space with big warehouses. Some require the mediocre kind of space and others require less space. In the global market, these industries are moving towards building a better economy. Many people are not aware of different operations of storage industries. In this article, we bring you some of the interesting facts about the warehouse and storage industry.
A late start
If you look at different industries, we see a pattern. Almost all of the non-technology industriesstarted with the start of civilization. But not the storage industry. Even though our ancestors used some storage methods, but most of them are time oriented. They concentrated on storing for a certain period. These were personal storage systems. The actual storage industry is also called as distribution industry. It started with the creation of granaries to store food items. After that, they gradually changed into foreign trade warehouses. The transformation in the storage industry started in 1900's. Many businesspersons started to store things to get profit. The impact of industry can be seen now.
High dependence of E-commerce on storage industry
You might have ordered many things from online stores. You might have seen different sellers on E-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart etc. Almost all of these sellers have warehouses and storage systems. Without storage system, they cannot ship the product quickly to the destination. If they do not have storage systems, then they have to use other storage facilities to send items to you.
First, the item is sent to the storage unit. Then they will do the necessary packing. After the packing, they initiate the shipping. They will track the shipment to the end. Before delivering to you, your product will go through source warehouse, storage of shipper (air, land or sea transportation) and finally destination warehouse.
You can rent the part of the warehouse
If you have a large amount of inventory with you, then you need to have a large place to store it. If you do not have enough space, then you can rent a portion of the other's warehouse. Many of the companies offer to rent with transportation facilities as well. They might also offer shipping and handling services. You can rent the place with onetime payment or rent it on time-bound payment.
Storage and warehouse design has huge market
It is interesting to see that design and construction industry has a high level of influence on the warehouse and storage industry. Not every storage units constructed in thesame manner. The designer needs to take care of the design of the building, ventilation, temperature control, the arrangement of racks, placement of storage modules, the spacing between storage units etc. Designing principle has become one of the integral part of storage systems.
Warehouse management is not an easy job
Every warehouse consists of different types of inventory. If the management is not good, then the stored products will face wear and tear. Therefore, it is important to arrange, monitor and control different parameters. You cannot store food items like fish in a warehouse. You need separate airtight cold storage units for that. Some storages even use large containers underwater to store the fish (alive). Similarly, you cannot store chemicals in a normal container.
You need to have a system to monitor the condition of the goods. The management also includes safety and security of goods.
Losses and expenses
Most of the losses occur in the warehouse. It is Because of the environmental changes and storing methods. The expenses include automatic temperature control, airtight containers, prevention of algae, prevention of friction etc.
Storage accessories industry
Portable racks, cantilevers, shelving and other storage units have increased the business of the storage industry. Right now, many companies are manufacturing different kinds of storage units for homes, offices, bus stand, railway station, and airport storage facilities to store goods properly.
According to Global Industrial, every warehouse needs to have advanced storage systems to store the units with a high-level of security and branching. Without these systems, it is difficult  to survive in this industry. That is why; they concentrate on better storage systems. In a nutshell, without storage industry, it is difficult to have good quality goods and services.
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