Start-Up HR Solutions By Husys (Grow Your Startup)
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Start-up HR Solutions by Husys (Grow your Startup)

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Managing Director
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We at Husys has been a Start-up 10 years ago and we have been working with start-ups in building that HR side of confidence over the years. Many a times the founders are alone in attracting and retaining the best employees who can reflect their values. 
Husys has been a support to most of such start-ups and build a long-term partnership in making them grow big. As the Entrepreneur Eco-system is getting stronger in India and many young professionals are taking a risk in starting-up their own.  We would like to be part of the growth story for future of India the emerging Small and Medium Enterprises. 
The Solution : Please click  Grow My Startup(
We would like to share some of the key features through various questions here below: 
Q. Why Start-up HR Solution?

Ans: Many Start-ups struggle to hire the right set of people and retain with a right set of programs within the organisation.   It also helps the prospective employees to choose them as an interesting way to grow their career (How do they mitigate the lure of a large organisation). Further this HR Solution is to help the start-ups to project a better confidence to the prospective clients/customers in delivery. 
Q. What are the Areas a Start-up should look at HR Issues?
Ans: HR systems always have to be implemented based on the stage of business cycle. Start-ups require support primarily in the areas of building the first set of employees who are going to define their existence for future. Hiring the best people and giving them the right set of salary structure and benefits to keep them engaged.  Also they need to focus on the culture building from the day-one.  HR programs helps in building that initial clarity on Vision, Mission and culture with fundamental values that the initial teams want to establish.
Basic HR Processes, Hiring, Training for better output and preparing for multi-tasking would be the job of HR at start-ups.
Q. What is the Uniqueness in this model?
Ans:  The experience of 10 years by Husys is a big plus.  Today every start-up need not to re-invent any wheel for quick growth and multiply business. Husys experience is a fundamental force in building and managing people based practices for better business deliver and faster way to reach to market. 
Q.How is this Value for my Money?
Ans. Hiring an experienced HR Head or HR Consultant would be very costly and also hiring full-time HR resource to support also may not bring the value to the business.  Husys unique combination of the HR Advisory coupled with Hands to deliver on ground with support IT makes it invaluable for startups.
Q. Where are these services delivered?
Ans: All the services are delivered from Husys BackOffice.  There would be some onsite visit to help to translate and implement some of the documentation and employee interaction for expectation management. 
Most of the works delivered through the email/phone/skype communication.  
Q. Whom are this services  targeted?
 Ans: a. Startup entrepreneur with an Idea  b.Team of Founders   c. When beginning to Hire a single Team member  d. Start-up looking to grow from 2 employees to 20 employees. 
Q. Is this service specific to any Industry?
Ans. First things first : A start-up is a start-up in any Industry. Husys has the capability of building HR for more than 10 different industries. Who knows there are better start-up practices that you can draw with Husys experiences. 
Q. How is it useful to Husys with this Model?
Ans. We want to catch you young. We are here to share your difficulties and enjoy the benefit of growing.  We grow if we help you to grow. After all we are in business, it works when we make you successful. Building profitability to Husys thorough a long-term partnership. 
Q. Why 6 months lock-in?
Ans: To understand and appreciate mutual benefit would take time initially. The shorter the terms it becomes costly in allocating resources from our side which means high cost to you.  Hence we would like to pass on the cost benefit over period with a certainty of support.   
We look forward to build the Human Synergies at Stat-ups to live our Vision : "Synergizing Human Potential for Business & Society"