Smart Beats Hard Or Is It Both!
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Smart beats Hard or is it Both!

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There comes a story to my mind when I particularly discuss about hard workers or for that matter smart workers, and it’s a topic of high interest when I discuss it with my colleagues, but before I tell you the story that so often is told and give you the gyan it has to offer, let me tell you what kind of worker I have been, when I first entered in to the corporate working culture everything around me was a hard labor and as a fresher to my dispose I had peanuts to carry in my pocket. I did whatever the best did, well at least that’s what I thought, but somewhere down the line I realized my appraisals had another bracket called consistency, and keeping up with consistency was not as easy as I thought, anyhow even my consistency had proved me wrong, there was something different all the "chosen" were doing which I did not....


I was an A's player at my work but the A's did not matter when i wanted to apply for the higher positions, before i could find my solace with another firm, I imposed a question to my team lead what defines the best and how come all the appraisals have failed even after I have filled in the bracket of consistency!


Well there he said it i had missed out on another bracket called socializing with my peers and their opinion on me and he also informed the slightest margin by which I had to give up my position, dint mind giving me an inside secret after all I was one of his best team members!


For a moment i gave it a thought, I did what i was hired to do, but in the end i had forgotten it was all about people and how i interacted with them. But having said that it was quite difficult satisfying both, giving all the best you can to your work and at the same time to the people around you!


I was a hard worker and a workaholic but that had miserably failed me, which is when i started observing what the best in the industry did ...terms like organizing your work and adding a pinch of salt called smart work came in to my dictionary!


Organizing myself had come naturally but what boggled my mind Now what is smart work? if you look up in a dictionary this is what you would find


"Capable of making adjustments that resemble human decisions, especially in response to changing circumstances"


Now does that mean playing voodoo with people’s minds, well not necessarily, but to adjust yourself to one human mind and bring him to your notice, and when you do that strike with what is best you have! Hold on Now! Not with a stick I am talking about marketing your work here, yes sharpening your tools to bring down a huge banyan tree that you so wanted to climb.



well coming to the story i wanted to tell you there were two wood cutters one kept striking a tree after tree and collected less wood then another who struck a tree intermittently but had collected more than the former one! How?????


He was busy sharpening his tools so did i in the following years and i carry now much more then peanuts!


Once the management notices you and you build that communication barrier with your smart socializing skills added with your hard and organized work then nothing is impossible.


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