Cyber Security - A Booming Industry In Future
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Cyber Security - A Booming Industry in Future

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Cyber Security is a hotcake when it comes to the concept of Digital India. The generation of 21st century is all equipped and surrounded with gadgets powered by the power of Internet. The idea of the devices related to computers, internet and virtual reality does comprise the characteristics of Cyber World.

The coin of Cyber usage has two sides to ponder upon. When one side is absolutely stunning and necessary the other side becomes open to the disadvantages that this idea can drill one into. This blog tries to give its readers a clear idea about the importance of cyber security, while using the comfort gadgets all round.

The importance of Cyber Security can be pointed as the follows:

  • Protection of system from threats;
  • Risks of Malware, Phishing gets nullified to some extent;
  • Development in new and better technology requires more upgraded and increased number of security activities.
  • The fast changes in technologies would create a boom in cyber attacks and hence important is utmost.
  • More use of Cloud Computing requires more advanced cyber security benefits.
  • Increased opportunities for jobs in upcoming years.

According to a survey by The Trade Association of India NASSCOM. India needs almost 5lakhs cyber security professionals to combat the upcoming cyber security attacks in next couple of years. Credible sources depicted that average salary of a cyber security professional in India is almost 5 lacs per annum as a fresher and can reach upto 20 lacs per annum with the experience and skill development.

Courses like that of Ethical Hacking, Network Penetration Testing, IOT Security Penetration Testing, Python Programming, Reverse Engineering, Bug Bounty Hunting are getting extremely popular day by day. Along with this Graduation degree in Digital Forensic and Cyber Security is believed to be the resource of Cyber Security education.

To ensure that a student gets authentic certification and degree after the completion of the course, he/she must keep in mind the following things:

a)      Check for the University registration of the institution:

b)      Look for the Certification of EC Council of the Institution;

c)       Look for modern hi-tech labs;

d)      Look for Faculties who are industry experts;

e)      Look for placement opportunities by the institution; etc...


Career to the field of cyber security is highly challenging and interesting. Success is guaranteed with utmost dexterity and mastery along with proper guidance from the authentic institution.