Why Entrepreneurs Are Struggling To Create Value?
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Why entrepreneurs are struggling to create value?

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Founder MD, Transformational Leadership Coach
In the last decade or so I have been closely watching how entrepreneurs like you tend to conduct their businesses. One thing that I have noted is that at any point in time they would be in one of the three roles,

  • Executive - doing things
  • Expert - telling others how to do or
  • Enabler - making things happen

the executive and expert roles being more preferred than the enabler.

If you look at each of these roles closely, you will, to your astonishment have some answer to why as an entrepreneur, despite slogging it out is not able to create equitable value.

The Executive

When you are in an executive role your influence and impact is the least. It is conductive in nature. You are in the dimension of Time and Space (which can be imagined as the rim of a wheel) transacting with entities in immediate proximity in an illusion of duality. The value transacted out of such execution is linear and incremental. It will be directly proportional to the time and effort you expend and the movement you make. The processes being cyclical, the net value creation in this role is zero - what you receive would be equitable to what you give and vice versa.

The Expert

When you are in an expert role your influence and impact is limited to your area of expertise. It is convectional in nature - intermediate entities playing the role of carrying the value across from your location to those who are in the area bounded by the limits of your expertise. Operating from the spokes of the wheel, you can expect to impact, indirectly across the radial lines of influence, only the entities which are on the arc between any two radial spokes. Because of interplay of intermediate and impacted entities some value creation happens, though most of it being tactical and not creational in nature.

The Enabler

When you are in an enabler role your influence and impact is the maximum. It is radiative in nature. You are no more in dimension of Time and Space but in an axial location around which temporal and spatial transactions happen amidst the illusion of duality. The value that you create is more far-reaching, pervasive, creational and eternal. Also, since your contribution are no more defined by dimensions of Time and Space there is hardly any time, effort or movement involved to create such value. The power of your presence, like the sun illumines and nurtures the system that is built around your presence.

Myth of value creation

The value that you assume to have created as an executive or an expert is like the cat licking blood from a stone thinking it to be of its prey, where as it is the same blood that had oozed out of its own bleeding paw.


The most recommended role for an entrepreneur to take, for value creation to happen, is that of an enabler. More so in the human economy in which the ubiquitous network is the playground. Yet, as we are more conditioned to doing and telling, as opposed to making things happen, it does not come naturally. In order to take on the role of an enabler, by choice, one needs to learn new ways of influencing and impacting the enterprise and even before that, an entirely new way of seeing life. And once that happens, it's not only that the nature of entrepreneurship will different, the enterprise and economy itself will radically transform. It's beginning to happen. Slowly but surely. You will see new models of engagement, earning and entrepreneurship emerging. Waiting for a new you to emerge. For which you have help at hand only if you are ready.

Are you? I am.