The Most Popular Frame Shapes Of 2013
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The most popular frame shapes of 2013

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Trendy eyewear made a comeback in the fashion world and hence you will find plenty of eyeglass trends in 2013. Fashionistas and style icons viewed eyeglasses as more of an accessory rather than a necessity.

Different types of frame shapes were popular in 2013. There are a few particular shapes and features which increased the popularity quotient in comparison to others. It does not matter whether you are looking for prescription eyewear or sunglasses because as long as you choose the right shape you will definitely get a perfect look.

Retro look with round frame shape: This shape is one of the newest and most definite trends of 2013. This trend will match anyone’s vintage style sense and make you look gorgeous. If you have a quirky style statement you can definitely go for round frames which were the most popular frame shapes of 2013.

Cat eyeframes a happening trend: The style continued throughout 2013. It has been a favorite with women in Hollywood. This style is making a huge comeback in the near future. These glasses are sophisticated and stylish and can look great on anyone. Choose to go for a subtle shape that will add a dramatic style. For a bold style statement cat eye frames are the ultimate eyewear pieces which you can go for.  

Go Geek Chic: The geek chic look was highly popular this 2013. The large solid black frame in big square shape looked absolutely adorable. This is a personal favorite of many style icons. This is the ultimate trend you are bound to see in 2014 too. So you can choose to stock this pair for your future use too. This style looks good with all types of clothing attire.

Wayfarers for a stylish look: It has still remained as a popular frame shape which is preferred by many fashionistas. The unique frame shape that complements few particular faces makes it even more popular. Hence, it is essential that you keep a pair for yourself in your closet.

Aviators-evergreen style statement: This also has remained perfectly popular as long as their overall composition reflects an ultra-classic style. This has an evergreen style statement that has rocked ramp shows to red carpets. This style has been popularized since Tom Cruise wore them in his movie ‘Top Gun’. You too can look like your favorite star if you manage to choose a perfect pair for yourself.

These above discussed frame shapes were part of the fashion circle that always made a style statement. You can choose to sport any of the frames that will make you look absolutely great.  Once, you are aware of the style trends of 2013 you can make an estimate as to which ones will still be seen in the year 2014. So, go ahead and start shopping for your favorite pair today.