Important Investment Tips - Right Investment At Right Time
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Important Investment Tips - Right investment at Right time

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Investment Consultant
Tips on Investment:

All of us are taking various financial investment decision at different point of time. The main challenges in the investment decision are

1. In which option i have to select for investment (Land, Flat, Shares, Mutual Funds, ULIPs, Government Bonds, Band FDs, Post office Savings, Gold etc..,)

2. How much % to be invested in the above options to get the more return and to reduce the risk.(Balancing of the investment)

3. Is this is the right time to invest in that particular option

4. How to do that particular investment

1.Where to Invest: In all the above four, many of us will take the decision where to invest. This will change depends upon the person and the expected returns.

In the above Government Bonds, Bank FDs, and Post office savings are safe investments where as these will give low return on investment (7% to 9%) just above the inflation when compared to others.

Next Land and Flats requires more capital investment and to certain extent safe and also give high return depends upon trend and situation. Holding these assets will have value at any point of time. But making the above in to liquid cash immediately will be difficult.

Next Investment in Gold is always seems to be good now a days. Investing in Gold Fund are in Gold coin will have appreciation. Buying the Gold Ornaments will satisfy our needs but the wastage % at the time of buying and at the time of changing one model to another will eat away the appreciation gained over the years.

Next Investment in Shares, Mutual Funds (Equity related) and ULIPs are very high return in nature (15% to 25% per year based on past Trend) but the risk also very high as like of high return since all the above all dealing with share market fluctuations (Some times capital loss also can happen)

2.How Much to Invest: This will changes depends upon the person's age and the risk taking capability. Investing entire money in one area will be high risky and the same to be diversified across various options.

3.Right time to invest: This plays very vital role and every body is making mistakes in this part only. Even i also had bad experience in this and i have learnt from my the past experience. Eventhough we are investing the right option if the same is not at the right time then we will be ended with Loss only.

For example the Land and Plot market is very good from 2004 to 2007 and who are all invested before 2005 in this have made huge money (200% to 500% growth in 4 yrs)

Share Market, Mutual funds and ULIPs are Pretty good from 2004 to 2007 and who are all invested in 2004 in this have made very good return (200% to 500% growth in 3 yrs)

On the other hand the Land and flat markets are dull in 2008 second half and the 2009 and who are all invetsed in that period in this are with breakeven or in Red as of now. Things will change in future but as per current trend the same in Negative only

Like the same who are all newly ein the Share market related instruments in the year of 2007 and their money is went to 50% negative in 2008 (Big Blow and Huge hit)

At the same time the share market recovered in 2009 and given 100% to 200% return in the last 6 to 8 months.

All the above facts are clearly showing that the time is the matter even though we chooses the correct option for investment (Right decision at the right time).

Some times wrong decision at the right time also will given some positive result but the right decision at wrong time will not give the expected result and we have to wait for the next turn

4.How to do the investment: Another important point is how to do the investment. For each of the above we have to choose different mode of investment. Also we should have reliable consultant who give the correct facts&Figures and the real scenerio about the current trend more like a friend.

We have to identify and choose the financial consultant who will work towards our requirement and needs and not for his commision or money.

Choose the right investment, choose the right time, Choose the right person and mode of investment and enjoy the benefit.