Acquiring Increased Efficiency From Experience
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Acquiring increased efficiency from experience

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Software Engineer
Past experiences always lessen one’s distance to perfection. It is a quote that we listen right from childhood times. Experience gained from past ventures are in fact one of the major assets for anyone. Be it a company or a person at any level, this need to be considered as one critical task to collate the experiences from the completed projects, Good or Bad. It has a huge impact on one’s efficiency in making critical decisions. If we had bad food from a restaurant once due to our faineance, the next time before deciding to go out for food, certainly we are going to make a study on the quality of the restaurant that we are planning to have food from. This itself shows the importance of experiences from different ventures.

When we think from the perspective of a company, the past experiences count in many different things, like

  • Treatment of the client
  • Estimation of similar projects
  • Dealing with Issues that could occur
  • Preparing and providing out of the box solutions
  • Gaining confidence of clients
  • Making business critical decisions
  • Successful execution of different projects
  • And Many More..

These are certain gains that a company can make out of its past experiences. So, how to maintain the experience in a most efficient way? The answer is very simple. Keeping a repository of project experiences both gains as well as loses. This could be easily achieved easily through the creation of case studies. Case studies are always an added advantage for the successful execution of any project, right from the phase of Planning and Estimation through successful execution to the final delivery.

Other useful programs could be conduction of meetings among the team members to share their past experiences with similar projects, which could account for the unveiling of some major milestone. With these multiple techniques, projects could be benchmarked, and landed more close towards perfection.
The same matters if we consider a single person himself. It is always a great support of having similar past experience, because at times they prove to be the most important weapon in your pocket to tackle confusing situations. This adds up to the performance of a person’s self, as well contribute to the performance of the whole team. Brief experience sharing culture could be built among the team, which will certainly at one point of time, prove to be a very important fuel to improve the efficiency of the self as well as the organization.

Experience is certainly one big criterion, but what matters more is the application of the same. It would be useful only if properly and timely applied. If not, it would only prove to be an added burden to have such experienced people.
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