Do You Want To Learn Economics? Don'T Miss Out On These 6 Free Resources
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Do You Want To Learn Economics? Don't Miss Out On These 6 Free Resources

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There are no more excuses to learn the science that can transform your life. You can find this information for free from a financial Wikipedia, through games, online courses and PDF books which are just a click away.

It is not really a big deal whether you want to improve your domestic economy, clean up your venture's finances, increase your reasoning skills, encourage yourself to new investment, or understand your country's socio-economic changes is going through. The best way for you to know where you are and where you are going, it will be important for you to understand the basic concepts of economics.

Do You Want To Learn Economics? Don't Miss Out On These 6 Free Resources

Of course, Economics is a fascinating science that goes beyond just numbers and statistics. It is also complex that you will need to spend time and effort to understand it.

On the brighter side, there are free resources that you can find on the internet which will allow you to learn about the science of Economics, whether you are a beginner or already have some knowledge about it.

In this article, we recommended the best free online resources to learn economics:

1. A financial Wikipedia that makes economics easy

This web is considered the most complete with definitions on economics and finance in the Spanish language. This is because it's consulted in Mexico, Spain, South America among others. Economipedia is like a financial Wikipedia that deals with all the terms that have to do with economics and no economic term can escape this Wikipedia.

Once you enter a word in the search engine, you get all the news, definitions and information that is up to date about it. By doing this, you can understand a word in its real context where it is applied.

For instance, if we write the word 'debt', we will get the basic definition of the concepts such as 'foreign debt,' 'public debt,' 'debt relief', 'debt service', among others. You will also get current news that includes these words and comprehend them in the real world.

Whether you are a beginner in the study of economics or rather you are already an expert, you should consider fixing this website in the bookmarks of your browser.

2. Fundamentals of Economics. Marcela Astudillo Moya. Free Book in PDF

This is a publication of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and it has become an important resource that is downloadable from the internet.

It is a book which does not lose validity and it explains in an exciting way questions such as what is economy?, The evolution of economic systems, macroeconomics, national accounting, trade blocks. Among others. This book also includes a glossary of terms.

'Just like the air we breathe, the economy does not receive much attention from people, even though many economic issues have a significant effect on society. We only realize the importance of this discipline when something is wrong and, in recent years, it looks like a lot of things are very wrong.' The book explains in its introduction.

3. Learn about investments in 15 minutes (free video tutorial)

The same time it takes to make a coffee or take a shower, this free video tutorial explains the most vital things to help you understand everything about investing.

'15 minutes, 3 videos, a lot of knowledge', promises the description of this mini-course which will enable you to know a part of the vast world of investments: Real estate, stocks and crowdfunding. This will be the best way to begin outlining your profile as an investor.

4. Economists for non-economists. Free book in PDF

This book was published by the Latin American Council of Social Sciences, by various authors edited by Ruben Tansini. It is supported by the faculty of social sciences of the university of the republic (Uruguay) is another real work to get as close as you want to economic science.

From the way the editor explains in the introduction, 'it intends to contribute to the teaching of economics to students in introductory courses (…) we believe that it may also be suitable for other similar courses at other colleges or university or non-university institutes. Moreover, we consider that this text is suitable for those who wish to incorporate basic economics knowledge in an extracurricular way.

5. Cerebriti test type online games

For those interested in playfully learning economics or want to put the knowledge already acquired to the test, Cerebriti has an infinity of games, most of which are test type and you can compete with oneself or with others.

These online games offer the possibility of playing a game about Spain and its economic development, about Latin America's economic history or statistics and general economics, among many other options.

They offer basic levels so we highly recommend it for beginners rather than experts.

6. Edutin Academy course: free and certified

With a duration of 35hours and completely online, this economics course will allow you to learn about the ideological and conceptual foundations of this science.

As explained in detail by those in charge of the course, the objectives are 'To develop an introduction to economics, understand what the economic analysis focuses are, understand the aspects that make up microeconomics, analyze what macroeconomics refers to and reflect on industrial revolutions and economic deficits'.

Also, this economics course is accessible for free and it includes the option of obtaining a study certificate for a price that varies in each country.

If the objectives of the course coincide with yours, do not hold back to take advantage of this free resource.

Some Final Recommendations

Whatever the resource (s) with which you use for your economics learning, you must take into account the seriousness of the source.

Specialised platforms such as Economipedia, universities, institutes and public organizations are always a good starting point.

You can also find information in forums and sites and social media where resources are shared to learn economics.

The most important thing when it comes to learning any science, is to have perseverance, dedication and patience. The results will prove worth the effort.