How To Properly Structure The Body Of The Business Email?
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How to properly structure the body of the business email?

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Business emails play a crucial role in giving you a positive or degrading impression. You might be a master in writing casual emails to your friends. But when it comes to business emails, you need to follow perfect structuring in order to convey your professional message. If you are struggling to write a properly structured business mail, do not worry, as you are not the only one!

Business emails are mostly formal emails, and you need to learn how to create those professionally structured emails for making the best impact. You can compare any of your existing business emails with the one you will write after learning the correct ways of structuring it. And then, you can analyze the differences.

How to properly structure the body of the business email?

What is a Formal or Business Email?

It is typically an email that you send to someone you don't know personally or someone in higher authority than you. You can send a formal email to the public official, business client, or to the office CEO. In all of these cases, you need to follow the business emails format so that you can convey your message professionally.

Today, most businessmen are using MailChimp, as their email marketing tool. People just pick templates from this platform and prepare their best business mails in no time. On this site, you can read about benefits of this service. You should check and try MailChimp to know its efficacy all by yourself to implement email marketing with high proficiency. But even with MailChimp, you need to learn about the right formation, as you will be the one preparing emails with a personal touch to connect with the recipients.

The structure that Business Email Should Follow

With pre-set templates and automated email marketing tools, if you still want to gain knowledge about structuring the body of an email, then here are the things that you should keep in mind:

1. Give emphasis to the Subject Line

You need to emphasize the subject line, as it will be telling people what they can expect further in the mail. A good and interactive subject line hooks the recipient with the mail's content. They prepare their mind to judge the content and reciprocate accordingly. A vague subject line will make it unclear for the recipient to get hold of the context. And your major reason for writing the mail might just get lost.

Moreover, a formal, important, and clear subject line will get the email prioritized over your recipient's inbox. If the subject line seems urgent, then the recipient might just have the urge to check it first. You need to convey the priority through your subject line, so invest time in it. Keep the subject line short & sweet, and catchy.

2. Start the Email Body with Salutation

The secret of starting a nice business email is to have a good salutation. If you are an existing business partner and are aware of one another, you can use informal salutations such as 'Hi' or 'Hello' with the recipient's first name. But if you intend to make the email sound completely formal because you are sending it to some new client or partner, then use the first name followed by the surname at salutation point. If you are not aware of any name, then you should address the person as Sir/Madam.

3. Give a Marketer Approach while Writing Business Emails

As you are writing a business email, you should be proficient in the marketing language. When you are writing a business email body, try to get the interest of your recipient towards the major purpose of your email. Don't build up a story at first, and don't describe the main purpose at the end! Do it right from the start, in a very concise way.

Think as a recipient, and imagine what you would have expected from a random business email. You would want it to be short, crisp, and to the point. So, you should do the same as well! You need to do the following while writing a business email body:

·         Add a short introduction at the beginning of the mail body. Add your name, business name/job position, location, or anything that makes him recognize you. It will help the recipient know who you are and why he/she should continue with the mail.

·         Now, straightway head to the point of your email. It creates an impression that the sender of email values the time of readers. And that is very much important in making business relations.

·         Remember to break all of your texts into shorter paragraphs. It will make it easy for the recipient to read and get the point.

4. Close the Business Email with Professional Touch

The final sentences you choose before you end the email are pretty much important to leave a long-lasting impact. You can set an emotional connection at this point. You should keep the closing of your business email realistic and genuine. In fact, the ending should give a verdict on why and how the person should respond to your email. Do not just expect that your recipients would understand about the next step on their own. You need to give them a hint.

Give a digital signature right below the closing remark, with a closing phrase such as Kindest Regards, Best Wishes, or Best Regards. Add your contact information right below it, with your full name, business title, website, email address, and phone number.

And now you are all set to send your well-structured business email!


If you are willing to implement an email marketing strategy to reach out to your B2B clients, you need to learn how to frame the best business emails. The tools like MailChimp will give you the template, but the writing part is your job to do. So, don't let your impression get hampered with an unprofessional business email. Adapt the right steps to structure the perfect one. You can continue your research over informative resources to keep evolving your email structuring knowledge.

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