Cell Tower Radiation Report
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Cell Tower Radiation Report

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Cell Tower Radiation Report- sent to Secretary DOT (Department of Telecommunications) -By Prof. Girish Kumar, IIT Bombay.


Cell Tower Radiation Report prepared after going through 100's of research papers and interacting with several people/sufferers.

Section 7 is on Possible Solutions to reduce the ill effects of cell tower radiation.

Several health effects have been reported from Cell Tower radiation much below the radiation norms adopted by most countries.

Common problems that occur among below living near and below cell towers are Sleep Disturbance, concentration problem, memory loss, heart palpitations, etc. The radiations can also aggravate / lead to Alzheimer's and Parkin's disease.

Children are more prone to these radiations as their skulls are thinner and still developing. Studies by Dr. Om Gandhi show that radiation penetration in the head of an adult while using a mobile phone is 25%, in a 10 year old it is 50% and in a 5-year old it is 75%. Also pregnant women and older people are more susceptible to radiations.

All these health effects have been observed at levels much below the ICNIRP and FCC guidelines adopted by many countries.

Similar health effects have been observed in people in Germany, Israel, Sweden, Spain, UK, France etc.

 Also lots of cancer cases have been reported among people living within 300 to 400 meter distance from the tower.

In a country like India where the population is very dense, achieving this is very difficult, hence it all the more calls for lower radiation norms.

At the end some case studies have been reported. These are only a few examples. The damage which has already occurred to the human race including environment, plants, animals, birds bees etc is phenomenal.

According to Australian Health Research Institute, if this trend continues, by 2020 - "2 Billion People will suffer from cell phone cancer". Even if 1% comes true, it will have devastating consequences to so many of us!!

All this calls for immediate need to adopt strict and lower radiation norms.