BOSS Is Never Happy !!!
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BOSS is never happy !!!

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Quality Manager -...
BOSS is never happy !!!! This is dedicated to all bosses who are nitpricking in their habit of evaluating work delivered and who have the comparision sheet always ready at their disposal .....

At times there is a situation wherein you deliver something and when evaluated your boss is ready with 10,000 different scopes of improvement, to an extent it is for the betterment of work and yourself as an individual however the remaining part is comprised of the scenerio where in he just wanna tell his supremacy over you and nothing else.

With my experience,I have seen that many people take their decision on a pre concieved notion or perception ... I bet perception management is the toughest of all , you won't need that effort in doing thing right however you will need everything on this earth to make it seem right ( I am talking abt perception ) People say that perception is based on delivery , i agree however on this front wanna say that perception is toughest on nature and no matter how better you deliver , it's not easy to break the ACC pillar of perception, Also when you move in a role which is replacement of an ex-employee , i must say , your life will be hell as your BOSS will always be comparing you with the previous employee ( Ignore the fact that he was fired for his non-performance ), no matter you complete all the tasks that ex-emp left or rather never initiated only but you can never match his/her standards as BOSS is never happy!!!!

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