Everything You Should Know About The Hair Transplant
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Everything you should know about the Hair Transplant

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Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist at Now Hair Time
Hair loss can be experienced over time. A health problem caused by your hair follicles lead your hair to fall out in time. Although many people who suffer from hair loss want to have hair transplant, this may cause some doubts and worries for that person. 




Well, What Is A Hair Transplant Operation?

Here you can find all the details on hair transplant operation. Hair transplant has become one of the most preferred aesthetic operations in recent years. Hair loss, which has been experienced due to various reasons, has become a big problem regardless of men and women, and has become uncomfortable. People who feel uncomfortable both psychologically and physically consider having a hair transplant. It would be wrong to think that our hair loss is only a sign of aging. The reason for your hair loss is not only a sign of old age, but also  can be a sign of hormonal problems, genetic structure or environmental factors such as stress. Many people suffering from hair loss will see over time that medication or natural methods do not work  even if they try at first, and  then will apply to hair transplant.  Hair transplant is a process that ends in a short time and is permanent for a lifetime. The most preferred reason for hair transplant is that it is permanent. Such an easy and high quality operation naturally raises a few questions quite a lot. How is the hair transplant operation performed?

Everything you should know about the hair transplant

How is Hair Transplant Carried Out?

Hair transplant operation is among the most preferred aesthetic operations of recent years. This preference still does not answer the questions of those who have not yet decided.  Such questions as“Is it a big surgery?” or"Will it hurt" are wondered. We are here to both inform and encourage you about the hair transplant operation.

Hair transplant operation is not a method to be feared as it is thought. Just as it is applied at the beginning of all operations, your necessary analyzes are made before the hair transplant operation and your hair analyzes are performed. These analyzes are the most important factor determining what kind of hair transplant you will undergo. The reason for these analyzes is to determine the area, the number of grafts needed, and the area to be transplanted. The plastic surgeons who will perform the transplant will draw your new hairline after the operation. You can think of this process as a drawing of a tattoo to be made on the body before it is made. There are two types of anesthesia methods to be applied in hair transplant. One of them is local anesthesia and the other is sedation. Thanks to the anesthesia method to be applied after the hair transplant operation, you will have an operation in which you will not feel pain and ache.

So What Is Local Anesthesia and Sedation Anesthesia?

Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia means temporarily numbing the part of your body to be operated on. This numbing method occurs with the use of a drug called "anesthetic". In this anesthesia method, you will be conscious and awake. 


Sedation anesthesia is a type of anesthesia performed to relieve the patient by causing sleepiness to the person to be operated. During sedation, the patient is conscious. This form of

anesthesia will relax the patient and prevent him from feeling pain.

Today, the method used for hair transplant is generally the FUE method. In hair transplant operations performed with this technique, no incisions are made and scar formation is prevented in this way. In the first process of hair transplant operation, it will be to determine the donor area where the grafts will be taken. The area where the most suitable grafts for hair transplant are located has been determined as the nape and  between the ears. Hair follicles are harvested from these areas with special devices. Grafts taken from the nape or between the ear are kept in a special solution. The reason for this is that the grafts become much better quality. Our experienced and professional plastic surgeons transplant grafts one by one into the designated recipient area. The most important point here is that the grafts are implanted in the direction of the hair growth. After these procedures, you will have the most natural looking hair. If you want to get the quality and affordable service you want for your hair, you should choose Now Hair Time clinic. You can leave our clinic with much thicker hair than before and have a successful operation thanks to our friendly and professional surgeons.