Android Development Big Boom In Asia
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Android Development Big Boom in Asia

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The recent sensation is that android has not just changed the way we use our mobile phones, but has also changed the global eminence that in fact gives a high standards to the countries technological status. On this note, Asia, is not just the biggest continent by size, but also takes the pride of having the most of the countries that tops the usage of apps.

Recent trends indicate that there is a drop in iOS app usage in countries like Singapore and Malaysia. But still, what makes them be in the top list of app usage is the android! Android developers have entangled on this liking of people and have turned out the android apps into a ‘big bag’ business.

Though android market has been replaced by Google play store, it is for a greater good that Google has paved way for many best apps of almost all categories as they were open to all developers irrespective of their companies. This motivated us to maintain a team of ingenious mobile application developers in Malaysia apart from many other countries and had set high standards. Our instantaneous action, adaptability, speed in market and the inimitably creative applications has now given us the top notch of android developers.

Latest Trends in Android:

Android has taken a big leap on gaming and has now come up with Game Stick, the new android gaming console which is more likely to bring in a transformation in gaming. With the technically head strong team of android application development companies in Malaysia, there is a lot of research on taking android to next t level which would promote industries such as education, business and so on.  Also there is an increasing demand for the same.

What Makes Us Successful?

As an android application developer, it is equally important to be creative as being technically distinct. With creativity comes great ideas and that helps our design out of box apps and that makes us a successful developer. Our trendy and creative yet innovative thinking and when it comes to technical aspects and draconically sharp apprehension paves way to make us unique in mobile app industry!