Get Money Back With PPI Claims
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Get Money Back With PPI Claims

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United States
Wondering about extra charges levied by lenders? Yes, most loan, credit cards and mortgage lenders trick borrowers into paying excess money through hidden charges in the guise of Payment Protection.

A person in urgent need of funds is the easiest to mislead and credit card and loan lenders make full use of this vulnerability. Often, borrowers don't even realize how big a chunk of what they're repaying forms a part of absolutely uncalled for and useless extra charges. Banks and other credit givers usually append PPI as an add-on to a loan or overdraft facility, to ensure that in case of death or other unforeseen situations of a borrower the loan is paid back. Even though the borrower pays for the policy, its advantage accrues to the provider who credited the loan to the borrower. However with right knowledge and guidance it’s possible to prevent excess payments and mis sold PPI. PPI Claims stand for rescuing those who are victims of mis sold and excessively priced PPI. It is quite possible that in case of people who have had a loan credit card or mortgage over the last 6 years, their bank account may still be releasing hidden charges for absolutely uncalled for PPI. is one of the firms which is very actively involved in payment protection insurance claims. In case of one of the client’s, PPI Co has managed to get refunds to the tune of £52,851 from his lenders. Experienced and qualified professionals handle cases and deal with the lenders on their own, without the borrower having to face any bother. PPI Co not only files for refunds on mis-sold PPI but also identifies any other baseless charges in the borrower's statements and appends them to the claims. The main advantage of filing a case with PPI Co is its No Win, No Fee policy! This means the borrower isn’t required to pay even a single penny if he doesn’t get a refund. And in case the borrower wins a refund, all he’s required to pay is a nominal amount of 25 % VAT to the company concerned. Go here for more information.

Another feature that makes filing claims more relaxed and convenient with PPI Co is the free-phone service. Borrowers can get information on their cases over the phone toll free. Also, each client is provided with a dedicated case manager so there is no confusion when they call. On many occasions, borrowers in a hurry to borrow or owing to ignorance tend to overlook obtaining proper paperwork from their lenders, making it difficult to file any legal claims in future. But the good news is that even in case of absence of paperwork, PPI Co assists in procuring the proper files from the loan providers. PPI Co is thus nothing short of a boon for all those lamenting the payment of uncalled for excess charges.

Remember, claiming now is better than regretting tomorrow!