Top 10 Grammar Checking Tools For Essay Writers
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Top 10 Grammar Checking Tools for Essay Writers

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If you want to be a successful writer, and write outstanding essays on different topics i.e. exemplification essay topics, expository essay topics or cause and effect essay topics, it's recommended to find a reliable grammar software. Although you are a writer, you’re not perfect. You cannot perform at your highest level without making typographical errors or grammar and spelling mistakes (which can happen even the best of us!). That’s why you need to rely on fast and accurate grammar tool.

 But how to choose the right one, especially with so many grammar tools and softwares available out there? In order to save you some time and help to choose the right grammar tool, we came up with a list of top 10 grammar tools for writers. 

 1. Grammarly

 Possibly the best grammar and spelling checking software currently available. Grammarly offers a free subscription and a paid membership. With free subscription, you only get the basic grammar and spelling checking functionality. The greatest feature of this grammar tool is that you can also set it as a Google Chrome extension and check your typing on site.

 2. Language Tool

 Unlike Grammarly or Ginger, Language Tool is a free online proofreader available for several languages including English, German, French, and Polish. You can use it as a Google Chrome extension or you can download it and use it on your desktop. Language Tool is an essential tool not only for non-native speakers, but also for native ones because it detects common mistakes that native speakers make.

 3. Ginger

 Ginger is another great tool for checking your grammar and punctuation mistakes as well as contextual spelling errors and misused words. It’s pretty similar to Grammarly and offers you a free or a paid membership. However, the premium features are available to paid members.

 4. After the Deadline

 After the Deadline is said to be one of the best online grammar checking tools because of its fast and accurate proofreading and spelling checking features. The greatest feature of this tool is that it will provide you with suggestions that will help you to upgrade your essay writing.

 5. Spellchecker

 Spellchecker is primarily a free online spelling checking tool, which will provide an error-free support for non-native English speakers. However, it comes with the addition of a grammar checking tool, which you can access through a separate link.

 6. Grammarcheck

 The greatest feature of this online grammar checking tool is that you can type your text directly into the editor, without opening the new document. That way you can check the errors on the go. However, if you choose to proofread a document, then you should upload it first.

 7. Online Correction

 This is a more simple grammar online checking tool that Ginger or Grammarly. It is primarily used by people who don’t need to spend their time on thorough analysis. It works simple: just type in a text you want to check and the software will display errors in red and corrections in green.

 8. ProWriting Aid

 ProWriting Aid is used as a Google Docs extension and it comes with several features which are divided for free users and premium users. Free users get the basic grammar and spelling check which is displayed as a report. On the other hand, premium users get separate grammar checking, spelling checking, plagiarism checking, overused words checking etc.

 9. Paper Rater

 A free online grammar and plagiarism checking tool available to students, freelance writers and bloggers. It’s probably better when used as a plagiarism checking tool. It doesn’t offer any new grammar checking features.

 10. ProofRead Bot

 ProofRead Bot is another great Google Docs extension that comes with simple check option (for free users) and pro check option (for premium users). You can upgrade your licence at any time. However, you can get a decent proofreading service with simple check option alone.

Of course, this is only the beginning of your quest for a perfect grammar checking tool. When deciding what grammar tool you should pick for your writing, you should pay attention to several features. Firstly, what do you need a grammar checking tool for? If you’re only writing occasionally or you’re not a professional writer (yet), then you can use checkers that are free but with basic proofreading options.

For professional writers, bloggers and freelancers, paid membership to top grammar tools are essential - you’ll get the access to the premium features like advanced grammar and spelling checking, syntaxical checking and suggestions to improve your text.