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Middle Management
I often get confused with the famous SMART goal setting technique. My long years of work experience has taught me something else . You need to do lot of homework prior to SMART approach. We need to discover our internal goals first ! We need to discover as it is already achieved !! What are the internal goals ? They are happiness, love, kindness, compassion etc... People often get puzzled when asked ," When will you be happy ? " The common reply is that happiness will be consequence of some achievement. Looking back in the past achievements, we often wonder where those happy moments gone ??? So happiness is independent of anything external. We can either work with happiness or work for happiness. When we work with happiness, we actually work with passion. When we work for happiness, we seem to struggle ! When we work with happiness, we are 'proactive' and when we work for happiness, we are 'reactive' . Hence we need to realise that we are happy now !! Now is the sacred moment at our disposal. 

After the realisation we can go for setting the external goal by SMART method. Keeping in mind the long term goal, we must decide our daily goals. Once daily plan is set, lets meet the plan without fail on daily basis. 

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