Turnaround To White Paper And Beyond - A Story Of Indian Railways Financial Meltdown
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Turnaround to White Paper and Beyond - A Story of Indian Railways Financial Meltdown

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Turnaround to White Paper and Beyond – A Story of Indian Railways Financial Meltdown

A book has been published as a critique of White Paper on Indian Railways titled “Indian Railways Financial  Meltdown” (2013) by Gyan Books Pvt Ltd, 23, Main Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi – 110002. E-Mail: www.books@gyanbooks.com

The book provides an exposure of the reality behind the nature and causes of therailways crises regarding finances and management and presents a diagnostic analysis of the syndrome relating to their meltdown and failing health.  Ever since the publication of the White Paper on Indian Railways (2009) and its presentation to the Parliament, an interesting but controversial  issue, was raised regarding the purpose, the period and the problem involved with it.  A White Paper in general is a document of self introspection for analyzing the failures and infirmities and a programme of action to find out a solution feasible and acceptable in the longer interest of the organisation.  But the Present White Paper issued on 18th December, 2009, by Mamata Banerjee does not justify the basic characteristics, tenets and approach to assess the Problem.

This study brings out a critical assessment of the White Paper on Indian Railways in relation to Turnatound and its aftermath, taking into account the holistic approach to the problem, and presenting it as an objective research work which leads to the final estimate of financial meltdown of the railways.  It counteracts White Paper, the methodology of its analysis and the basic purpose behind its release.  The study also gives in correct measure, an understanding and a workable plan for the railways’ reforms and rejuvenation.