RaviKumar Pisupati'S Success Story
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RaviKumar Pisupati's success story

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My name is Ravi Kumar Pisupati.I finished MCA in ASN during 1998-2001.Currently working in Cognizant Tech Solns (www.cognizant.com),USA.I was the topper of ASN at that time and unviersity ranker(5th) also. Basically I am hard worker and having intelligence as well.Though I have all this I couldn't succeed in initial days of my career since market was not good in 2001.I properly settled at the end of 2003 after struggling a lot in getting a good job.From 2003 onwards I never looked back.

I worked in SP Software serivces(small comp),Integra Micro Systems(Blore),Satyam Computers(Hyd) and CTS(USA) now.I am not in a position to give suggestions or advices to anyone but I can tell one thing "Work hard, be +ve,wait for your time.Success will come to you automatically".

Please feel free to contact me for any more.

Email Id:urspvs@yahoo.com


Ravi Kumar Pisupati