Women Empowerment In Digital Age
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Women Empowerment In Digital Age

This is one of the very rarest topics that doesn’t require much of an introduction because the stats are literally everywhere. Each morning, we read different kinds of news where women are harassed, subjected to violence, treated unfairly and silenced when they try to fight back.

In this article, I want to talk about the challenges that women face on a daily basis but are silenced just because, SOCIETY!

Women Empowerment In Digital Age

Let me begin with a small memory that I have from my childhood. I was in my 10th grade and our school was conducting a debate on ‘Women Empowerment’. Students were divided into two groups: Girls and Boys. Girls debated in favour of empowering women while boys debated against it.

There were statements being made against women having opinions and even about women working for their livelihood. These were young minds who were given a platform to express their thoughts, which mostly consisted of patriarchal views. It was this debate that opened my eyes to the deep-rooted misogyny in people from a very early age.

Today, when I think back, I don’t understand what the point of that debate was. I mean, do we see people debating over breathing oxygen? Isn’t women doing what they want, supposed to be their choice? Why were young minds pulled into this culture of debating over the topic itself?

I started thinking a lot about the seriousness of this issue ever since. While this happened more than a decade ago, the situation hasn’t changed much for women even though it is 2020 now. Even today, women are questioned for their choices and their opinions are not considered serious and there are so many other issues women face under the veil of traditions and culture.

Some of the common problems that women face are Female foeticide, Child Abuse, Child Marriages, Child Labour, Child Trafficking, Eve-teasing, Dowry harassment, Domestic Violence, Sexual harassment, Moral policing and the list goes on.

Though we have law and order in place to protect women rights, there is a huge gap in the existence of these rules and the implementation of these rules in real life. Most women have this need to over explain their decisions to the society because of the fear of moral policing.

The modern woman is educated, financially independent, passionate about her career, empathetic to people around her but always stays behind the shadows when it comes to taking credit for her own work.

Women are usually seen as rehab centers who are willing to help and reform the lives of individuals who aren’t willing to save themselves. The media in a way, also glamorizes this practice. Until women understand that they are a lot more than just someone’s daughter, or someone’s wife or someone’s mother, there is no way to truly choose yourself and to truly empower women!