Winter Is Coming! Five Tips To Protect Yourself From Air Pollution
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Winter is coming! Five Tips to Protect Yourself from Air Pollution

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With the monsoons rapidly coming to a close, the festive season has dawned upon us. We Indians take our festivals very seriously, and with Ganpati, Dussehra and Diwali approaching one after the other, we could not be more excited. While Mumbai and Delhi are two of the most splendorous cities when it comes to celebrations, such festivals are celebrated all over the country on a big or small scale.

Think loud bands chanting prayers for Lord Ganesh, lengthy strings of fireworks that light up the sky on Diwali eve,and the extensive ritual of burning the effigy of Ravana for Dussehra. Although enjoyable at the moment, these rituals have caused massive discomfort for the civilians. The noise, air and water pollution caused thus can be highly detrimental to our health. Out of these, air pollution is the most harmful. Delhi is notorious for holding the record of being one of the most polluted places in the world. Last winter, it even surpassed Beijing in its TPM rating reaching 900 during the time of Diwali.

Evidently, it is an alarming issue that needs our immediate attention. This winter be protected and follow these tips to ensure that you are safeguarded from any diseases or medical complications that arises as it effect:

  • Use Masks- This is one of the most common and effective ways to commute in polluted cities. The Dettol Air Protect Mask is available online as well as in your nearest pharmacies.

    You cannot halt your work just because of the degrading air condition.Therefore, the next best thing is using these masks whenever you are outdoors.
  • Air Purifiers- Another handy solution that you can employ in your own home is setting up an air purifier. It will help clean the air in your house, thereby ensuringthat you are breathing pollution-free air.
  • Greenery- Try to incorporate more green spaces in your home and building complexes. Greenery helps clean the atmosphere and constantly gives out clean oxygen to breathe in.

    Hence, this winter make your home a miniature greenhouse by buying houseplants. They not only provide a healthier environment to live in but are also pleasing to look at.
  • Avoid Outside Food- Follow this popular tip of the monsoons in the winter seasontoo. Eating street-food or visiting unhygienic restaurants should be strictly avoided. Another useful thing to do would be to stock up on vitamins; this way you can ensure that your immunity is at its best in order to tackle winters.
  • Get a Health Insurance- Living in a city that celebrates festivals in all its glory, it is advisable to have an overall protective shield. This can ideally be in the form of a medical insurance.  Many of those who woke up in Delhi a day after Diwali, tried to convince themselves that the zero visibility was due to the extreme fog, but they could not fool themselves.

Be more proactive and start looking at health insurance policies. These plans will cover your medical bills in case such environmental occurrences take a toll on your health.

Although festivals are one of the biggest and most evident causes for rapid air pollution, it isn’t restricted to them. With the amount of cars on the road, we are contributing to it on an everyday basis. Choose eco-friendly options to commute, such as - car-pooling with your colleagues, public transport, cycling or even walking to office. Over the weekends, stay at home and spend quality time with your family, instead of planning outdoor plans every time. This winter protect yourself and your family, and avoid indulging in over the top festivities such as fireworks and loud bands.

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