Why You Should Choose Our Law Courses?
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Why you should choose our Law Courses?

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Legal education is one of the oldest because humanity gets involved in confrontations requiring legal advice. India is the 2nd most populous nation, with over 20 million cases because of a shortage of judges & Magistrates. The legal system in India provides ample opportunities to prove their point because our constitution grants constitutional remedies. There is tremendous demand for judges because of the government setting up fast-track courts.

People are approaching courts in distress because of better education. This opens up tremendous opportunities for law graduates because we train on legal remedies crucial for justice. The case pendency in India is the highest because of the slow legal process & shortage of judges. Hence, students can pursue a rewarding career in law from the Top Law Colleges in Uttar Pradesh UP because of this opportunity.

The School of Law & Jurisprudence at Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU) imparts practice-oriented learning because it is vital for employability. We have equipped the classrooms with AV aids because this fosters discussion crucial for law graduates. SVU provides moot court facilities because students practice in a simulated environment making them job-ready. Highly qualified faculty oversee the proceedings because their guidance is vital for excellence. Expert sessions happen in seminar halls because we invite experts who enlighten on legal matters crucial for the students. SVU’s conference hall is engaged in legal conferences because they empower students with crucial skills.

SVU’s central library has over 7000 books & Journals because they are important for academic brilliance. The department’s library provides ample e-resources because they augment skills, thus making us the Top Law Colleges in India. Our graduates are competent in e-courts because they are crucial for reducing case pendency. Therefore, our computer labs have the gadgets that empower students because we nurture tech-savvy professionals needed by the country. Faculty from NLU & central universities work at SVU because they impart true learning, thus making us the Top Law Colleges in Moradabad. The faculty has years of experience because this enables them to transmit vital skills for the profession. They adopt a practical approach because practice makes a man perfect. The faculty trains in moot courts because this enables skills enhancement, thus making SVU the top law college in Uttar Pradesh UP. We send them on FDP because this enables skill up-gradation crucial for the students. The selection of faculty at SVU passes through stringent parameters because we recruit the best talent. To impart hands-on skills, SVU provides internships because practical skills are vital for the students.

We have tied up with law firms where students intern because it is important, thus making us the Top Law Colleges in India. We place most of our students because their hands-on skills are in high demand. This is possible because our teaching is student-centric because we involve them in the learning process.  Role plays, case studies & presentations involve students, thus making SVU the Top Law Colleges in Moradabad UP.

We train on litigation & drafting because they are crucial for a legal professional. We establish legal clinics because they help the underprivileged in seeking legal aid. The majority of people are apprehensive about approaching courts because they are ignorant. SVU’s legal clinics help in disposing of disputes because we give free advice. Our faculty discusses cases & seeks legal discourse because this clarifies concepts.

The number of cases pending in Indian courts is huge because of a shortage of judges. The government is setting up fast-track courts because of increasing crimes against women & children. This calls to appoint more judges & magistrates because it will reduce the pendency of cases. The government wants to give timely justice because this sends a stern message leading to a reduction of crime. SVU endeavors to eradicate crime by imparting quality legal education that is result-oriented. Practice-oriented teaching is our hallmark because this fosters skill enhancement to make SVU the Top Law Colleges in Uttar Pradesh UP.