Must-Have Video Software For YouTube Playlist Download
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Must-Have Video Software for YouTube Playlist Download

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Marketing Manager, AmoyShare

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming sites, watching YouTube video is an indispensable pastime inpeople’s daily life. Millions of videos have been created and shared on YouTube every day then you can enjoy every YouTube videos for free. But if you want to create a video on your own or create YouTube playlist, you need a YouTube account or a Google account.

 Then, our topic today is YouTube playlist download.

What is YouTube playlist?

A playlist on YouTube is a collection of videos that play in order, one video after the other. Automatically play the next when one video finished playing. If you search “playlist” on YouTube, you can easily get lots of relevant results like below.

How to create your own YouTube playlist?

1. Create your playlist

Sign in to your YouTube account then go to the “My Videos” page. On the navigation bar on the left side, you’ll see a section for ‘Playlists’. Click on the ‘+New’ button to create a new playlist.You can give it a name to your playlist like “Cover music video 2018” etc.

2. Add videos

Go to YouTube homepage and discover the videos you’d like to add, search YouTube videos via keywords or keyword phrase. From the video page, click the down arrow on the right side of the ‘+ Add to’ box below the video player. A list of your playlists will pop up.

How to download YouTube playlist with one click?

A playlist is very convenient to watch videos of your fancy at once place. What if you want to download YouTube playlist for watching offline? To download a YouTube playlist may take some steps, but use AnyUTube, download YouTube playlist only one click.

AnyUTube is a powerful YouTube video downloader software, you can search and download YouTube videos by keywords and video URL. HD (720p, 1080p, etc.) YouTube video and playlist download is available, also convert YouTube to mp3.

What can you do with AnyUTube?

  1. Download any YouTube HD video to MP4, MKV, WEBM, 3GP, etc.
  2. Rip YouTube video to audio formats like MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc.
  3. Cut YouTube videos to the length you desired.
  4. Convert YouTube videos and local files to any formats you need.

Why is AnyUTube the best for YouTube playlist download?

We know that the direct way to download YouTube playlist is to download every single YouTube video one by one, you may spend 10 minutes to copy 50 video URLs, I tried, it was boring and tedious. With AnyUTube, it can save you time and that matters.

Download YouTube playlist with AnyUTube:

 1. Download and install the AnyUTube( playlist downloader. It is available for Windows, Mac.No malware, no plug-ins, 100% safe for your computer.

2. Copy the YouTube playlist video link from the browser.

Search YouTube playlist by keywords, or you can just type “playlist” you also can find some ready-made YouTube playlist.

3. Paste the video URL into AnyUTube.

Paste the YouTube video playlist link on AnyUTUbe then click the search icon, you will the get the whole YouTube playlist video result below.

4. Download YouTube playlist.

Before you download YouTube playlist video, you can preview the video on AnyUTube.

You can download YouTube video one by one, or download the entire playlist with one click.


Just a moment, the YouTube playlist download will be finished, you can find the playlist on “Library”.

 Besides downloading YouTube playlist with the video link, you also can download YouTube playlist directly on AnyUTube. Explore YouTube video playlistand download it directly on AnyUTube. 

With AnyUTube, you also can download YouTube playlist to MP3 and MP4 in the best quality.

Try to explore more functions, it will surprise you!

 If you think this guide is helpful for you, we will be appreciated that you share this with anyone who wants to download YouTube playlist.