Will Gaming On The Cloud Replace Consoles?
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Will Gaming on the Cloud Replace Consoles?

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It is no secret that the gaming industry is going through some big changes. Since the advent of console gaming, video games have become more and more popular. Now smartphone games have replaced consoles as the most preferred method for playing, and with the imminent arrival of the fifth generation mobile network, or 5G, the technology used to play will explode. The possibilities now seem endless, uncontainable. Not only will virtual and augmented reality become an ever-present reality, the ability to play games wherever you are, on whatever device, will revolutionize the industry.

Will Gaming on the Cloud Replace Consoles?

Gaming’s Netflix Moment

The music and film industries have already gone through their streaming revolution, with platforms like Netflix and Spotify dominating the way people consume media. Now, with the greater capabilities of 5G,gaming will have its own revolutionary moment. It isn’t just that 5G will provide the ability to stream games anywhere, on any device, from the cloud—it’s also that it will lead to other changes in both the industry and gaming itself.

For example, Sony and Microsoft, who are rivals with their respective Xbox and PlayStation consoles, will team up to create a streaming service. Considering how much these companies dominate the game manufacturing industry, they have a considerable lead when teaming up on a platform for streaming.

Devices for Cloud Based Gaming

Cloud gaming is essentially the method for storing games on the cloud and accessing them on the internet. This is already available, but the problem is that most devices have not been able to stream such large files from the internet. 5G is set to change all that. The fifth generation mobile network will be supported by new devices that will enable a whole new world of possibilities.

The experts at the site MoneyPug, which is used to compare mobile phones, say that 5G will likely change who can stream games on their phones. For a while now, gamers have been dedicating specific devices to gaming, and they are not yet fully streaming them from the cloud. Soon anyone will be able to stream games on their personal phone. It won’t matter if they a lot of contacts, apps, photos, and more. High quality gaming will be available everywhere.

5G Capabilities

Streaming games is just the beginning of what 5G will offer. The network will enable automation, profound medical advances, and much, much more. As far as gaming goes, virtual and augmented reality will become relevant. Soon gaming will become increasingly interactive, with gamers going inside the game with headsets and, sooner or later, with their minds. 5G represents this shift. It is hard to tell how the industry will respond to these changes, but gaming will evolve greatly in response to these technological advances.

Gaming on the Cloud: What about Consoles?

While games will be stored on the cloud and accessed through streaming capabilities provided by 5G, this doesn’t necessarily mean that consoles will be completely out of the picture. In fact, consoles will be enabled to stream games on the internet as well. People like having a system for multiple large controllers, VR headsets, and more.

Though gaming will become much easier as far as location, consoles are still beloved. Despite the fact that smartphone gaming has become the number one method for playing games, gamers are still interested in both consoles and PCs. Furthermore, it is difficult to tell how the industry will change. Console manufacturers may come up with new advantages that smartphones and other devices can’t match. Gaming possibilities will explode, but it doesn’t mean that consoles will be replaced.

The future is difficult to predict. No one can know for sure what will happen with the gaming industry, but it is surely an exciting time to be a gamer. For those who have been waiting for better access to games, the time is now to get ready for gaming’s revolution. Soon you will be able to play anywhere, with VR and augmented reality becoming not just accessible but ubiquitous. How will gaming change? You can be one of the people to guide it, whether you are a consumer or a producer. Since consoles became popular around 30 years ago, there hasn’t been a bigger shift yet.