India A New Audience For E-Learning: Spread Of ICT In India
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India a new audience for e-learning: Spread of ICT in India

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India is being looked at as the most forthcoming country in terms of economic growth as well as development. With young India taking charge, areas like Information & Communication Technology (ICT) are bound to grow by leaps & bounds. Our Government has been emphasizing on increasing literacy levels in rural areas since a long time now but hasn’t been able to come up with concrete plans to overcome this hurdle. Over the years, e-learning has proved to be that medium which has made learning extremely accessible & is slowly gaining credibility.

Transforming Education in India

E-learning has opened new avenues to education in India & has changed the dynamics of educational content. What seemed like a distant dream a few years back is India’s future today.E-learning has surpassed challenges of reaching out to a varied audience, overcome the non-availability of adequately qualified teachers in rural India & making rich content available to an audience that was unreachable earlier. Today, with changing times, basic education is taught with a single computer in rural villages & has helped several children to get exposed to primary levels of education.

Internet base e-tutoring or on-line tutoring is catching up in urban India as well. Working professionals, who reside in tier 2 cities, are enrolling for post graduate or high level educational programs from reputed institutions today. Institutions like IIM A, IBS, Hyderabad, Symbiosis, Pune are amongst India’s top 50 B schools offering e-learning courses. These institutions are responsible for awakening an urge within people who are hungry for knowledge. However, there is a strong need to promote trained personnel in computers & e-learning tools.

E-learning’s scope in India

The e-learning scenario in India is still growing and at an experimental stage. India’s education policy has largely neglected the opportunity of benefiting from this technological revolution in education. E-learning is not only inexpensive, but also convenient. Yet there are huge digital divides which need to be bridged on an urgent basis. Indians however are more inclined to conventional methods of classroom training thus accepting e-learning is a major hindrance. Though, the corporate sector has imbibed e-learning in their business communication practices rather intelligently.

Future of E-learning

 The ease & flexibility e-learning offers, it surely is here to stay. Integrating the learning factor plus enhancing an individual’s experience by delivering well-structured content is e-learning pathway to success. With rapid globalisation, unskilled personnel & quick technological developments – E-learning is surely a boon to many to enjoy a richer learning experience.