Teen Hair Loss
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Teen Hair Loss

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                                    Teen Hair Loss

Starting to lose your hair when you're young and fit can be worrying. That just happens to older people, right? There are many reasons for hair loss, even in young people. It can be due to poor diet (lack of protein, vitamins and minerals) and not enough exercise. Other causes are hormone imbalances, diseases and stress. Also, some medication can have an affect, such as acne medicine and diet pills.

If you're worried about hair loss, you can do something about it:

1:- See a doctor, to rule out any medical conditions. Also, to check that any medication you're currently taking is not the cause.

2:- See if you can improve your diet and exercise more.

3:- Find ways to reduce stress.

4:- Change your hair care products. Some shampoos can be harsh on your hair. Using too much styling product could be damaging your hair.

5:- Reduce the use of hairdryers and other styling equipment. The heat could be damaging your hair.

Generally, the most common cause of hair loss is called adrogenetic alopecia, to give it its medical term. Adrogenetic refers to the influence of androgens (male hormones). Both men and women produce these hormones. The most common one is DHT (dihydrotestosterone, androsteinedione, and testosterone). In men, it is produced in the testicles and adrenal glands. In women, it's produced in the overies and the adrenal glands. These hormones are important for both sexes, though men produce a higher quantity than women.