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Smart Solutions and IT Technology (SSIT), a part of the Al Ahlia Group and the region's leading one-stop shop for office automation solutions, is delighted to launch a broad variety of TA Triumph-Adler products to the UAE market. SSIT brings the smart solutions dubai and become the top distributors of BenQ Smart and Laser Projectors in UAE.

We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions with the goal of providing excellent value to our customers in the areas of print fleet management, managed print services, data, voice, video, broadcast, security, and access control for today's smart offices. 

What made you choose us? Our staff consists of highly trained and experienced professionals who use a proactive and customer-centric approach to assure complete customer satisfaction. Traditional service models are transformed into operational excellence using our functional knowledge. The services that we provide are

●        Security and Surveillance solution

●        Audio & Visual Solution

●        Access control &Time attendance

●        Telecom system solution

Our Mission is to be the partner of choice by providing exceptional service and customized solutions that will meet the best to the customers needs by focusing on our stated values of quality, trust, transparency, flexibility and value centricity. And our vision is to be recognized as a leader in information communication technology and office automation, “Delivering Business Value” by providing high quality and cost effective solutions.

Any person having an active business property should be able to monitor it at any time of day. However, due to the unexpected, most business owners are unable to monitor their operations 24/7. This is where the use of CCTV becomes necessary. 

To assist investigators in solving crimes, homeowners and businesses should install CCTV security cameras. The demand for household and commercial CCTV systems is bigger than it has ever been. SSIT provide Cctv security solution in dubai which solve all your problem Smart solution and IT Technologies CCTV is an advanced security system that allows users to monitor their properties from the comfort of their own homes. SSIT can monitor your business premises without you having to be present. If you own a business, CCTV security systems are a must-have. Some of the advantages of CCTV cameras and why you should consider putting them in your warehouse are listed below.

Improved Quality Control

Most store owners find it difficult to maintain track of both their employees and their business. With CCTV cameras, this is not the case. You'll be considerably better able to monitor your workers and any other activity in your store if you combine audio and video monitoring. This, of course, will reduce problems associated with continual employee follow-up, boost business efficiency, and reduce product loss in your business.


If your store does not have a CCTV system, the most likely way to defend your business is to hire security personnel. Though these agents can provide the security your company requires, the expense of hiring them can be prohibitive for some businesses. With CCTV cameras, this is not the case. This argument is based on the fact that, depending on the size of your business, a formidable security camera system will only require about six cameras. All you have to do now is keep an eye on the PC connected to the cameras once you've installed them and they're up and running.

Remote Monitoring

Security camera installation with newly designed CCTV cameras now includes a Network Video Recorder (NVR) and IP CCTV cameras, thanks to technological advancements. Both of these devices allow you to keep an eye on your company over the internet. You will be able to receive live broadcasts directly to your phone as long as you have an active internet connection. If a force break occurs, you'll be able to keep an eye on the situation and alert authorities before more harm is done.

Loss of Property is Prevented

Businesses are primarily used for product loading, unloading, storage, and transportation. As a result, it's critical to keep a watch on every department both within and outside your store. The unfortunate reality is that no matter how careful you are, your staff will always find a way to cause trouble. The good news is that with a properly built CCTV system, you will be able to watch each department in your factory without having to leave it.