How To Build A Healthy Lifestyle That Works For You
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How to Build a Healthy Lifestyle that Works for You

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Your body has physical needs. It needs air. It needs water. It needs fuel.

Unfortunately, other than providing the bare minimum that our bodies need to survive, we all too often fail our systems. We need more than calorie intake to thrive - we need a healthy, balanced diet. We need more than just moving around to keep our organs and our muscles fit - we actually need to exercise.

And even then, caring for our physical bodies is so much easier for us and comes more naturally than caring for and safeguarding our mental health.

The reality is we all need our own unique set of habits, routines, and methods that work to keep our bodies and minds healthy.

You might love going to the gym and find that it helps you manage your emotions and even improves your sleep. For others,they may prefer to focus on the diet side of their health, and others still need extra effort to maintain and help their mental health.

We’re all different, which is why we all must work to create the perfect healthy lifestyle that works best for you and where you are on your health journey.

How to Build a Healthy Lifestyle that Works for You

Find Inspiration

Being inspired and surrounding yourself with the right role models is an absolute must. This doesn’t just mean finding someone who is where you aspire to be, either. There are many people who have reached their goals. The important thing is to find role models that have followed a similar journey as you.

For example, it is going to be even harder to build a healthy lifestyle if you suffer from an eating disorder or a mental health disorder such as anxiety. Even if you may want in your head to be fit and healthy and to love how you look, what you see in the mirror might be so full of flaws. Not only that, but we can end up in negative feedback loops that make it all too easy to slip up and harder to stay well.

The right role model matters. This Myprotein podcast episode follows Emelye Dwyer, where she opens up about her own mental health, struggles, and journey.

You don’t need a perfect role model. You need a relatable role model. They won’t be up on billboards most of the time, either. Instead, they’ll be the person right next to you in the gym or the person you admire most at your support group. Role models matter because if you see someone like you who has done it, then you can continue to be inspired to do it too.

Start Where Your Body is Lacking

You’ve made it this far, so don’t discredit all your efforts. You are already doing some things very, very well for the sake of your health and wellbeing, and you don’t need to overhaul everything in the process of building a healthy lifestyle.

Instead, put your attention where you feel like your health or wellbeing is lacking. This is obviously more applicable for physical issues and symptoms over mental health symptoms, but the concept can work for both.

For example, though you may be at a healthy body weight, you may feel tired all the time, or you may not be happy with your skin. What you eat plays a big part in these two areas, and by working to remove the foods most likely a culprit (sugars and processed fats), you start to feel the benefits. Replace them with delicious, healthier alternatives. What you don’t need to do in this example is change how much or how frequently you eat, because as you are already at a healthy weight, you have that routine sorted. All that is left is to tweak what you are eating to feel the improvements.

Finding Enjoyable Routines for You

Building a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about eating the right foods; it’s about dedicating yourself to routines that nourish your mind and body. The most simple example of this is with your exercise. If you hate going to the gym, then it doesn’t matter if you go regularly because you aren’t getting the most out of the activity. Try alternatives. Dance. Learn how to fight. Go on bike rides or runs or hikes. There are so many alternatives to stay fit and active in ways that invigorate your mind and body.

If you love being active, you’ll naturally want to continue with those routines. If you hate it, you will have to keep fighting, and once you reach a certain milestone, you may never go back.

You need a sustainable, enduring routine, which means you need to find the most enjoyable version for you.

Don’t Do it All on Your Own

Building your own routines is hard, and guidance should always be welcomed. A personal trainer can really help keep you motivated and find great activities and exercises that work for you, for example. 

Where you will want to follow this tip the most, however, is with your mental health. You don’t need to wait until you are “bad enough” to get serious mental health help. If you can afford a private therapist, then find one that you click with, who can help you through your downs and help you address the source of your mental health and develop healthy tools and coping mechanisms.

For those that don’t have that privilege, know that there are many free resources and help centers out there while you are on the waiting list. There is help out there, and asking for help from people who are there and listening to you makes a world of difference. This could be a challenge, yes, but being heard is the most important step towards seeing real results. Mental health isn’t like a wound in the sense that you can give it time and it will heal. Mental health oftentimes gets worse when left untreated. You deserve better. You deserve to have your mental health be a part of your healthy lifestyle. You need to seek out help and guidance when you need it.