What Are The Latest Trends Of Coupons In India?
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What are the Latest Trends of Coupons in India?

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With the advent of technology, the online market has also gained enough popularity over the last few years. The Indian online market looks for potential portals which would be able to provide good quality products at an affordable price. But wouldn’t it be nice if one could avail extra discounts which can be redeemable by using coupons? The coupon business in India is rising to a great height. While the portals will be able to supply more products to the customers, it is the quintessential customers who watch out for best money saving deals online for their desired portals and products. This is where the coupons come into the scene. To grab more and more buyer’s attention towards the coupons the portals are coming up with new coupon ideas which are changing the trends of coupons in India. Here are the latest coupon trends for your reference-

  • Mobile-friendly

The online buyers these days are shifting from desktops to smart phones. As such the online market is now mostly based on m-commerce which is a mobile-oriented shopping approach. To match up with this new shopping trend of the buyers, the online portals are coming up with deals and coupons like the Nearbuy coupons that are mobile-friendly in nature. This is enabling more and more customers to shop their desired products through their smart phones using the coupons.

  • High Discounts

One of the key reasons behind the rise of the high-discounted coupon trend is the presence of strong competition in the market.  This is compelling the retailers to provide more and more discounts on their coupons for the buyers who would want to avail the most out of the top deals offered. As a result, the more the number of retailers is focusing on making the user experience better; greater is the savings for the buyers in the form of high-discounted coupons.

  • Coupons to clear inventory

Offering coupons on old products is a new trend in the world of coupons. Most of the times, we see companies or online portals offering heavy discounts on the coupons that can be used for availing products that are on sale. It is a great way to clear out inventory as customers buy these coupons more in order to take benefit of the huge price difference.

  • Loyalty programs

It always feels good to be privileged. The loyalty programs offering special coupons have become a trend to excite the customers to make repeat purchases from any particular website. These special coupons are becoming the reason to shop more at a less price. This outlook is definitely a rewarding trend for the buyers.

  • Customized approach

Personalized approach of ecommerce portals towards customers on the basis of the past buying patterns compels buyers to shop for more. This has given rise to a trend where the portals first fetch information about the buying habits of a particular customer and then send them specific coupon options or recommend them to buy a particular product using coupons especially meant for that category of product. This customized approach is a major hit amongst the coupon trend.

  • Recharge sites coupons

At recent times, the recharge portals are offering best coupons and deals to their customers and these recharge coupons has become a hit among the users. Those days are gone when one would go to the recharge shop, to recharge their mobile or other connections. Most of the people recharge their call or data pack online using coupons and for turning these customers into loyal ones the recharge sites offer great coupon deals on recharge.

  • Travel and hotels

Most of the time while planning your tour on the last-minute you must have found the internet bombarded with great last-minute coupon deals on travel and hotels. This is a latest coupon trend that is gaining momentum due to the growing need for the travellers to travel cheap and stay at a price that wouldn’t pinch the pocket. These last-minute travel coupons are offered by the travel portals to grab the last minute planners who are in a hurry to book their trip in budget.

  • Hyperlocal services

Earlier it was difficult to book hyper local services online. But with the increased online presence of such services one can now easily avail their services online. This has bring a new trend into existence where the coupon sites focus more on offering discounted coupons on the local services so that the customers can opt for such services.  No matter what type of services you want, you can avail that by redeeming these coupons.

  • Tier 2 and 3 cities

The online market is spreading its boundaries widely even amongst the tier 2 and 3 cities. A growth in these cities has marked the beginning of a wider coupon usage beyond boundary.

The online market in India is growing fast with the emerging trend of the coupons. Buyers are now looking for coupon deals that would make their shopping experience smarter. More coupon discounts means more saving money. Now that you know about all these trends use wisely and get the best bargain.