A Million Thanks To The Instructors, Students, HRs And Of Course MY TEAM.

A million thanks to the instructors, students, HRs and of course MY TEAM.

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Founder CrossWorksDGTL
After a while today I really felt like writing, I don’t know how can I express my contentment. First of all my sincere thanks to the instructors, students, HRs and my team. Of course I am going to put down here, why am I thanking them at the top of my voice.

This is on the success of our 10 months old venture; SiliconIndia Online Courses. My fingers are dying to type, my hear is throbbing to acknowledge and my mind is not stopping me from scribbling down… Yes, here we go

A few words about our instructors:
As you all know our instructors are all working professionals, who have minimum 5years of experience. They are team leaders, project leads, product managers, senior software engineers etc. They skim some good amount of time from their busy schedule and provide the service to the students. I am gratified to realize that India have a good amount of likeminded people, who really wants to give back something to the society.

Being in companies like Wipros, CISCOs, Nokias, IBMs I am thrilled by the fact that our instructors and not having an attitude like “am happy with what I am”. Initially when I called them and shared the idea, they were on a high and happy to come forward to help build a smarter India by sharing their knowledge. Thanks to one and all for spending their valuable time and effort for building the courses.

The highlight “Our students”
I really don’t know how to thank our students. As you all know without you guys we wouldn’t have made this a big thing. Thank you for accepting the new model of interactive online learning. I am assuming that you guys are getting more than we promised and happy with the quality of the tutorials. The tremendous response from our students is putting me under pressure to add more courses into the library. Looking forward for your intense support in the future as well.

The BIG thing “HRs”
To make an educational endeavor successful you need to have a great support from the HRs of different companies. I am on top of the world today to know that, HRs from top companies are searching for SiliconIndia Certified Professionals to fill their requirements. Very simple reason for this is the quality of the tutorial provided by our instructors and the certified students are productive from day 1. Once again thanks to our instructors.

“After a “Siliconindia certified JAVA developer” joining my firm I stopped searching for the candidates, who have sun certification. Siliconindia is more focused on giving the practical knowledge rater than a certificate, I would suggest all the HRs to search for Siliconindia certified developer” Preeti Jain, HR executive, WIPRO

Now you tell me, how can I not be happy?

Final but not the slightest “My team”
Thanks to one and all working hard to make this endeavor successful. Without a great and hard working team, no venture can become triumphant. My heartfelt gratitude to the entire product development team for executing such a wonderful, user friendly & interactive product. Also the student counselors for the patience in clearing all the queries of the students.

I am happy to know that you are reading this. I know you would like to know more about it. If you have a hunger in learning the technologies highly demanded in the market or if you are a working professional who have more than 5yrs exp and want to share your knowledge you should be visiting here https://www.siliconindia.com/online_courses/degree.html I promise you that it won’t disappoint you and it will be worth spending your time.

Happy learning
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