Automation In Corporate Hiring
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Automation in corporate hiring

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Unlike the earlier matchmaking mode of recruitment, the challenges faced by hiring companies are diverse and greater these days. Today, hiring the right talent is more than simply matching qualifications with job requirements. A large number of professionals are migrating within and across countries; young people seek more variety in jobs; and organisations are increasingly showing interest in building multi-cultural workforce. All this culminates to the complexity in finding the right talent mix.

Key challenges in selection process across different levels

A million results are useless unless you find the one that makes your search worthwhile. In today’s competitive environment, organisations need to hire people who are knowledgeable, dependable, loyal, adaptable and confident, in order to run their company effectively.

At senior levels, cultural fitment, business acumen and leadership ability are key drivers of decision at selection stage. At middle levels, depth in functional knowledge, longevity and industry background are given weightage. At junior levels, emphasis is given on the attitude of the employee and strength on functional fundamentals.

Way to avoid poor recruitment decisions

In order to avoid poor hiring decisions, a better pre-employment testing is required. Recruiting a good candidate means finding the right candidate for the right job. Therefore, a good recruitment process is a must for every company. Today, with the existence of placement consultants in India, the recruitment process has become more convenient.

Role played by recruitment consultants

Recruitment consultants provide complete manpower services (from initial screening to final selection) to companies having human resource needs. These placement consultants in India have in-depth knowledge of the roles, positions, designations and compensation packages at all levels within the industry. They are always equipped with the latest industrial practice and provide valid corporate recruitment solutions for better growth and prosperity of the organisation.

HR consultants in India offer various services such as recruitment consultancy, executive search, and bulk hiring. They recruit across various industry verticals, including IT, BPO, KPO, Automobile and many others.

Steps followed by HR consultants

Major steps followed by recruitment consultants include the following:

  • Evaluate hiring needs
  • Profile handling
  • Screen and shortlist applicants
  • Interview and selection procedures
  • Decisions on compensation

Top recruiter in India

In India, ABC Consultants is a pioneer in the field of recruitment services. The network of the company spans across 8 major Indian cities and an international presence in Dubai. It is among the top executive recruiters and a preferred search firm for clients in India and abroad. The company’s first priority is to understand the client and his executive recruitment needs and to use the most appropriate methodology and tools to fulfil that need.

The consultancy operates through domain-specialist teams and, therefore, provide customised HR services to the companies. ABC has over 350 consultants who bring with them over 2400 man years of experience with leading organisations.