How To Avoid Poor Hiring
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How to avoid poor hiring

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A job opening can attract thousands of job applications. If any company wants to recruit even a single candidate, it has to shortlist out of number of resumes, which requires huge time and also sometimes results in bad recruitment decisions.

Have you ever thought about the cost of poor hiring?

Total loss from a bad hiring is quite difficult to estimate, but a wrong recruitment may put you out of the market. When you are recruiting new candidates for your organisation, you need to ensure that the candidate is the best fit for the post.

How to evade bad recruitment decision

A better pre-employment testing is required for each business owner, which will help them to avoid poor hiring decisions. Recruiting a good candidate means finding the right people for the right job. Therefore, a good recruitment process is a must for every company.

Role played by recruitment consultants

Recruitment consultants have made the recruitment process more convenient. They follow various stringent procedures in hiring candidates and all of these begin with advertising the job role. They then identify the right candidate through tests and interviews followed by screening the candidate and short listing the candidate for the final round of interview.

Recruitment consultants also provide recruitment services outside India. These overseas job consultancies have made the candidate search easy for corporates and business houses. Some of the benefits provided by these agencies include the following:

  • Saves time: Hiring a recruitment agency will reduce the time and in-house resource that you need to dedicate to recruitment.
  • Saves cost: These agencies manage the entire employment process, thus relieve employers of costs related to pre-employment testing, background investigations and screening.
  • Sector expertise: Recruitment consultants have expertise at screening, filtering and profiling candidates across sectors that your in-house team might not have.
  • Access to job boards: A recruitment agency India has access to national job boards, which will put you in front of the best candidates in the market.
  • Salary scale: The agency also provides you an accurate salary estimate for the position using local market knowledge.
  • Flexibility: The agency provides you flexibility in your recruitment planning to meet seasonal market demand.
  • More choices: Recruitment agencies have a large database where they can choose and find the best employee for your job vacancy. Because of the many choices, you can also be sure that you will acquire a competitive new employee.

ABC’s Perspective

ABC Consultants is one of the top consultants in India renowned for its high-quality services in providing proficient manpower to varied industries. The company has offices spread across 8 major Indian cities and an international presence in Dubai. The overseas job consultancy operates through domain-specialist teams spread across the country and, therefore, provide customised HR services to the companies. ABC Consultants has over 350 consultants who bring with them over 2400 man years of experience with leading Indian and international companies.