Just-In-Time Recruitment Solution
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Just-in-time recruitment solution

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Considering the uncertain market conditions ahead, companies are altering hiring patterns with increasing emphasis on just-in-time recruitment. Just-in-time staffing is a pull-based strategy of providing companies with applicants who meet their exact needs, when they want them.

How to achieve just-in-time recruitment

  • Access to vast human capital: In order to achieve just-in-time staffing, a recruiter must have ready access to vast human resources in the form of resumes that they are able to retrieve on-demand.
  • Search ability: Having access to a decent volume of high-quality human capital is quite literally useless without the ability to actually leverage the data and the search capability. To achieve just-in-time hiring, recruiters must be proficient in candidate search, best practices, techniques and strategies.
  • Effective engagement and referral tactics: Just-in-time recruiting involves successfully contacting and engaging potential candidates in two-way communication. Recruiters should be in regular touch with applicants.

Role played by HR consultants

In today’s competitive scenario, a majority of companies outsource their recruitment process to professional job consultancies to do staffing on their behalf. These consultancies have access to huge candidate databases and, therefore, help organisations in undertaking the entire range of recruitment activities, including job advertisement publishing, job ad management, response management, screening, shortlisting, interviewing, job offer issual and job offer management. By outsourcing the placement task to recruitment agencies, a company’s HR department can focus on other strategic matters while getting timely recruitment solutions.

HR consultants are always equipped with the latest industrial practices and corporate ethics and use them in most suitable, advantageous and cost-effective manner. Not only regional or national, even international recruitment is handled and fulfilled by most of the well-established and successful HR consultants in India. These overseas job consultants do hiring in every sector for almost all profiles, be it a hardware technician, researcher, business analyst, sales representative, software developer, or network administrator.

How to find a good consultancy

Over the Internet, one can find a large number of placement agencies providing corporate recruitment solutions. The biggest challenge is to find the one which can help companies in getting suitable manpower in a timely manner.

The best way to find a good job consultancy is to look at the staffing firm’s profile and find out how many companies use it or have used it to get successful candidates to fill up their vacancies.

Top recruitment firm

When it comes to recruiting high-quality candidates, ABC Consultants (one of the leading placement service providers) offers tailor-made manpower solutions for your company. They offer reliable and timely solutions to fulfill all your manpower needs.

The company has offices spread across eight major Indian cities and an international presence in Dubai. They have over 350 consultants who bring with them 2400 plus years of experience with leading companies.

To sum up, hiring a job consultancy is the best solution for companies having human resource requirements. Companies that are involved in continuous recruitment are likely to bene?t from these recruitment agencies.