Placement Services In Pune
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Placement services in Pune

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Pune is known as the hub of corporates and business houses. The city has well-established manufacturing, glass, sugar and metal forging industries. Many information technology (IT) and automotive companies are also setting up factories in the city. Today, Pune has a rapidly growing software industry as well, with multinational companies (MNCs) having large development centers.

Pune has seen increased economic development in the recent years, which has increased the demand for competent manpower from various corporate houses in the city. The last few years have seen human resource (HR) consultants emerge as dynamic entities offering immensely valuable recruitment services to business organisations. It has become a trend for big companies in Pune to use services of placement companies to save cost and avoid uncertainty during recessions.

Importance of hiring placement consultants in Pune

Recruitment consultants in Pune play a vital role in the growth and progress of any company. They are responsible for hiring the right candidates whose skills and competency meet the growth objectives of the company. These consultants provide a wide range of services including executive search, hiring executives that best meets the client’s requirements, conducting proper tests and interviews to evaluate if a particular candidate is suitable for the company or not.

Role played by HR consultants

The HR professionals are no longer considered as individuals responsible for doing paperwork related to hiring and laying-off employees or for making payrolls. Rather, they are recognised as partners in organisational success. Apart from recruiting candidates, these recruitment consultants also handle various other roles like deciding upon issues related to health and safety of employees, pensions, evaluating their performance to calculate their compensation or bonus, and doing things that would win the loyalty of the employees and would increase their productivity and performance.

Availability of HR consultants in Pune

Today, placement agencies are functional all across the globe. In the city of Pune, there are number of well-known recruitment consultancies providing their services since a very long time. Placement consultancy in Pune is the major resource to help you find talented professionals in the city.

Way to find a good consultancy

One can find a large number of recruitment consultants over the internet. The biggest challenge is to find the one which can help companies in getting suitable manpower in an effective manner.

The way to find a good recruitment agency is to look at the recruitment firm’s profile and find out how many companies use it or have used it to get successful candidates to fill up their vacancies.

Leading placement consultant in Pune

ABC Consultants is one of the leading placement consultancy in Pune. The company is a renowned recruitment service provider with a team of highly qualified and dedicated manpower consultants. These consultants are not only experienced but also experts in their domain and possess relevant industry knowledge and global practices for specific industries.