Quality Hiring In Indian IT Industry
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Quality hiring in Indian IT industry

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India is one of the fastest-growing IT services markets in the world and a large number of Indian enterprises are spending in technology in a big way. The industry in India has been one of the most significant growth contributors for the country’s economy.

Indian organisations, across all other sectors, largely depend on the IT & information technology enabled services (ITeS) providers to make their business processes more efficient and streamlined. Regarding the emergence of new markets for Indian IT companies, Mr Vineet Nayyar, Vice President, Tech Mahindra said that technological needs are going to increase globally as technology has become so pervasive in everyone's life.

As per National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) estimates, IT and ITeS sector (excluding hardware) revenues were estimated at US$ 87.6 billion in FY 2011–12. The market size of the industry is expected to rise to US$ 225 billion by 2020 considering India's competitive position, growing demand for exports, government policy support, and increasing global footprint.

Employment scenario in Indian IT sector

IT is a diverse industry where companies are looking for multi-skilled and technical workforce to address the complex demands of clients in a highly competitive environment. Today, the sector has emerged as a major global source of growth and employment and therefore recruitments in the sector for both technical and non-technical candidates are increasing.

According to the latest industry survey, IT candidates are likely to be in greater demand in the months ahead as organisations expand their recruitment horizons. More than a quarter of bosses (27 per cent) said that they are planning on creating new IT positions within their workforce in the first half of 2014, while almost two-thirds (63 per cent) are aiming to fill vacated positions.

Role played by IT consultants

IT recruitment consultants help top multinational companies (MNCs), corporate firms, private limited firms and other big and small companies to find the right talent in the IT industry. These manpower consultants have perfect knowledge about companies’ selection criteria as they frequently deal with them. They provide complete staffing solution, from initial screening to final selection. Hiring a manpower consultant can save your valuable time and energy as these agencies have a strong database of candidates.

Leading HR consultancy for IT sector

When it comes to quality hiring in IT sector, ABC Consultants is one of the top recruitment consultants in India offering complete recruitment solutions for your company. ABC’s team of consultants have a solid background of the industry, and bring deep industry and functional expertise as well as insights that help their clients’ source the best available talent. The company has established itself as a reputed, highly-qualified consultant, with employees from diverse professional fields and expertise, who understand the rapid changes taking place in the global business environment.

If you decide to use a recruitment firm for HR services, do it correctly. Be concerned about the quality of employee you’re going to get, rather than paying about a few thousand here and there.