Recruitment Assistance In Delhi
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Recruitment assistance in Delhi

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Delhi attracts business organisations from all across the globe. With the growth and development of the city in terms of infrastructure and foreign investment, Delhi is beckoning multinational companies (MNCs) who find the city an ideal place to set up their offices and also get efficient workforce too.

Due to intense competition, finding the right candidate according to the requirement is very difficult nowadays. Today, recruitment consultants are seen as the most reliable and standard sources for the recruitment of experienced and talented candidates companies are looking for.

These recruitment consultants provide placement services to corporate and business houses across sectors. An established recruitment agency also has the upper hand in providing suitable candidates to even start-up companies, since they have huge market recognition and brand name.

Benefits provided by recruitment consultants in Delhi

HR consultants in Delhi help recruiters to save up to 40 per cent of their total recruitment costs. With the experience, expertise and the economies of the scale of these recruitment consultants, companies are able to improve the quality of recruits and the speed of the whole process. Further, transferring the complete recruitment process to these job consultants in Delhi enables companies’ HR to focus on other strategic matters.

What to check while hiring a recruitment agency in Delhi

How long has the agency been recruiting?

Ask the agency how long they have been in the recruitment business. Google their names. Are they industry experts? Also, ask how many roles they fill in your niche space every month?

Have they placed the candidates in the related roles before?

Check if the agency has recruited candidates for similar positions earlier. It is better to ask the agency to provide examples and testimonials from previous clients.

Do they conduct reference check?

Check if the agency performs reference check on candidates on behalf of the company. Identity confirmation and talking to ex-employers ensures that the right candidate is supplied to the organisation.

Do they provide any guarantee for candidates?

Ask the agency whether they provide a replacement guarantee if the hired individual does not work out for some reason. A typical guarantee period is three months.

How do they charge?

Recruitment agencies get paid by the employer for every candidate they put forward who successfully gets a job with the employer. They usually charge fees as a percentage based on the salary package of the candidate.

Selecting a recruitment consultancy in Delhi

If you are planning to hire the placement services of a recruitment consultancy in Delhi, it is recommended that you choose an experienced agency. Such an agency would be aware of the industry practices and trends and would be in a position to find the right candidates to give your company a cutting edge over your competitors.

Leading agency in Delhi

ABC Consultants is a leading job consultant in Delhi with over 44 years of experience in recruiting talented and skilled professionals across industries. The company has a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants who offer skilled and talented human resource in a timely manner.