Scenario Of Manpower Consultants In India
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Scenario of manpower consultants in India

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A recruitment agency acts as an intermediary between an organisation that is looking to employ someone and an individual who is looking for a job. A recruitment agent’s main function is to source the most suitable person for a job vacancy available with their client.

Whether it is web developer job, IT sales job, IT support job or computer job, if your company is looking for top quality resource, it makes sense to hire the services of a recruitment agency. Professional recruiters offer invaluable advice on all aspects of recruitment.

Today, manpower outsourcing is done in different sectors of the industries like FMCG, pharmaceuticals, insurance, banking, manufacturing, service, consumer durables, etc. The basic requirement of the companies is to get young, talented and energetic candidates through the help of job consultants.

Professions served by placement agencies

Recruitment consultancies provide professionals in almost every field. Actuaries, lawyers, computer programmers, financial analysts, nurses, doctors, dentists, accountants and graphic artists are few of the categories of their database.

Existence of job consultants in India

Job consultants in India have been in to this service for over 15 years and have been helping the recruiters with their best possible recruitment services. The best thing about these agencies is that they not only work for Indian companies but also do the hiring for organisations in abroad. The main objective of these recruitment consultancy services is to provide the clients with total manpower solutions with a customised approach.

Procedure followed by recruitment agencies in India

  • Company requires employment support: Companies use a staffing agency to assist them in finding the right candidate for their staffing needs. First, the company provides the staffing agency with a list of requirements and a job description for the position they need to be filled. The staffing agency then uses this information to create a job posting.
  • Candidates apply: Placement consultants receive applicants not only for specific jobs but will generally have a database of applicant resumes for future opportunities. The goal is to match the candidate with an open job post. For this, these consultants will assess and interview potential job candidates to get to know the applicant and the type of position they desire so that right candidate gets the right job.
  • Candidates hired: After matching the candidate with an open position, the agency schedules the candidate’s final interview with the employer. The employer can hire the candidate in two ways- permanent basis or temporary basis. If hired temporarily, the employer pays the manpower consultant, which then pays the employee's agreed upon salary until the employee is hired permanently. Most manpower consultants charge a one-time fee based upon the candidate's first-year annual salary.

Some important considerations

  • Recruitment consultants work only on behalf of companies to source candidates for their latest job vacancies
  • Recruitment consultants can work for independent recruitment consultancies or in-house for major companies that manage their own recruitment processes. Some recruitment consultants even work as self-employed professionals
  • Recruitment agency fees can be as high as 33 percent of the new hire's salary offer