The Keys To Competent Workforce
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The keys to competent workforce

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India is the most optimistic nation in terms of recruitment for the next quarter, according to the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey. As business complexity grew, managing the employee’s lifecycle became more difficult and human resource functions began feeling the pressure brought about by a larger and more diverse workforce. While staffing is still the number one priority, the last ten years have seen corporates open up to a broader spectrum of HR services.

Consumers of HR services in India

The consulting space in India is crowded, with all the major international players having a significant presence. The multinational corporations (MNCs) are the largest consumers of HR services in India. There are four types of HR consulting organizations – MNCs that have been in India for a long time; MNCs that are new entrants or are looking to enter the Indian market; large Indian corporates; and small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and smaller corporations. Each of these markets has different levels of maturity and demands.

HR Consultants: Boon for corporates

Recruitment consultants play a vital role in the growth of an organisation. They perform recruitment and selection processes for organisations that don’t have the time, expertise or resources necessary to manage the recruitment processes. They maintain a database of employment seekers and scan through it to find suitable candidates. Not only regional or national, even international recruitment is handled and fulfilled by most of the well-established and successful HR consultants in India.

International recruitments

International recruitment is a task which needs strategic planning and verification of information provided by the candidates before actually appointing them for the job position. Indian aspirants are highly competitive and can fit their recruitment needs effectually. This is precisely where the HR services become active. Therefore, hiring international manpower consultants who support recruitment services is the best solution.

Advantages offered by recruitment consultants

Manpower consultants in India provide complete staffing solutions to corporates and business organisations. They help clients in cutting employment costs, getting timely solutions, reducing companies’ work load, improving business focus, and safeguarding the best talent.

Availability of HR consultants in India

There is no dearth of manpower consultants in India. More and more HR agents are opening up their offices in various metro and non-metro cities to provide effective staffing solutions to corporates. The highest concentration of staffing agencies is in the major urban cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Chennai.

Best consultancy

With the availability of a number of manpower consultants in India, it becomes very tough to determine the most effective consultancy out of the available alternatives. Therefore, one should be very careful while selecting any HR agency.

For your reference, ABC Consultants is one of the best professional recruiters in India providing recruitment services for over 44 years. The company has offices spread across eight major Indian cities and an international presence in Dubai. They have a team of dedicated, qualified and experienced professionals who work tirelessly to provide the most suitable manpower.