Restoring Color To Your Hair
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Restoring Color To Your Hair

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Having gray hair is a sign for some people to feel that they are no longer young and they start using harsh chemicals to  color their hair. Getting gray, silver or white hair is a normal part of growing up. It can start at any time because your hair starts to lose its color due to genetics, age and lifestyle. Gray hair starts for men at about the age of 30 while gray hair in women starts around age 35. Gray hair has been found in young children to seniors and is recognized as a part of life. Some say that the number of women with gray hair is on the rise.

Hair is made up of two parts; the root (follicle) and the shaft. Initially hair is white, but follicles called melanocytes produce pigments called melanin which give hair its color. The more melanin, the more color. Hair color begins before birth due to large amounts of melanin in our systems. As you age, your melanocytes weaken and cease to function and they produce less melanin causing gray to gradually set in.As melanocytes reduce and stop producing melanin, the hair becomes lighter until it looses all its dark color. Hair that has lost most of its melanin is gray and hair that has lost all of it melanin is white. These hairs then appear among the other healthier, darker hair to be gray.

New research has shown that as a result of a chemical reaction, hair causes itself to be bleached from the inside out. The body naturally produces hydrogen peroxide, in small quantities, that is used to kill bacteria, but too much in the scalp area is not good for our hair or its color. When we were younger, our body's produced the enzyme Catalase that breaks down hydrogen peroxide. As we age, the production of Catalase diminishes and hydrogen peroxide cannot be broken down. This allows our hair to slowly loose melanin, and its color.

Adding the enzyme Catalase as a supplement to our diet can help reverse or stop this process. Catalase will help to counteract the natural occurrence of hair turning gray. People all over the world are now using a supplement containing the Catalase enzyme that will help restore their hair to its natural, beautiful color.No More Gray Capsules are combined with the Catalase enzyme and a variety of other all natural organic vitamins and nutrients for the benefit of promoting thicker, healthier, darker hair. This formula starts at the root of the hair where it is needed and is not applied to the shaft. This supplement includes Saw Palmetto to help prevent the conversion of Testosterone into DHT, and helps to lower the DHT level which is a major factor contributing to hair loss. Your hair is the first thing others notice about you and having healthy beautiful hair can be a confidence builder in your personal and professional life.