Interview Questions And Answers In Photoshop
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Interview Questions and Answers in Photoshop

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Question1: Importance of Brush tools?
Answer: It is the main for painting. It has many types of brushes. Users can adjust brush size parameter, opacity, hardness, threshold, dissolve, Hue and saturation etc.
It is also used for making patterns and designs. Users can define space on brushes.

Question2: Uses of Pen tool?
Answer: It is a drawing tool. It has also four tools Freeform Pen, Add Anchor Point, Delete Anchor Point and Convert Point. It is used for shape, design such as cartoons, logos, patterns etc. Users can make a drawing as they want.

Question3: How many types of text tools?
Answer: It has different types of text tools. It is one of the software who has four types a) Horizontal type b) Vertical type c)Horizontal type mask and 4. Vertical type mask.

Question4: What is Photoshop?
Answer: It is the most popular software for image editing and manipulating in digital images. It is used for apply many types of disaster effects in images like drops effects, fire effects, Retouching, Editing. Users can create a banner, logo, invitation cards, brochures, visiting cards, for magazines ads etc.

Question5: Importance of Photoshop in Graphic Design?
Answer: Almost Graphic Designers like work with it because Its has many features batter than others software for designing and image editing like “pen and brush tool” etc. Users can make easy to easy drawing with help of this software. It has many types of tools for create object, text writing, apply effects etc. Users can change easily background image. It has an amazing patterns.

Question6: Uses of Photoshop?
Answer: It is used for creating-
  • Logos
  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Invitation Cards
  • Visiting Cards
  • Magazines Cover
  • Ads and more

Question7: Importance of Photoshop in manual photo editing?
Answer: If you are going to create editing in images then you have the best choice as Photoshop. Users can apply bevel and embosses, shadow effect change color of images, image background change and crop and more you can changes.

Question8: Uses of Patch tool in “Photoshop”?
Answer: It is used for removing object from images. You can remove easily anything for example spots, blur, text and more.

Question9: Uses of Eyedropper?
Answer: Eyedropper is used to pick color from color pallets and then User can fill it help of Bucket tool. It is an easy way to take same color from any object.
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