Best-Selling Novel Losing My Religion Is A Must-Read For Every Professional
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Best-selling novel Losing My Religion is a must-read for every professional

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The recent national bestselling novel Losing My Religion by author and serial entrepreneur Vishwas Mudagal has certainly caught the pulse of the nation. Not only has the novel hooked the youth of the country, but is also motivating them to follow their passion, take up entrepreneurship, go on uncharted journeys, and enjoy life without fear of failure.

The fact that this book is Mudagal's debut novel is certainly astonishing, considering the way he has narrated the story and character with such mastery over the craft of storytelling. Interestingly, the book is based on his life when he went bankrupt after his internet startup failed.

Losing My Religion is a story of a failed entrepreneur & gamer Rishi Rai who sets out to revolutionize the gaming industry, but something somewhere goes terribly wrong and, like dominoes, the blocks of his life fall down one after the other. An unexpected meeting with Alex, an unpredictable crazy American hippie, changes his life forever as he decides to quit everything and join him on an unplanned uncharted journey across India. What happens next is something you have to pick up the book and read.

Going by the reviews and the praise the book has received, it's a must read for every professional. It's a book that is as entertaining as it's meaningful. Some say that Mudagal has revolutionalized the contemporary English writing in India. He has been speaking at various events and conference across the country motivating the youth to be fearless while pursuing their dreams.

National best selling noval losing my religion

Mudagal runs his own firm GoodWorkLabs, which is into helping companies and entrepreneurs design and build software products and mobile apps. He has taken up storytelling as his parallel career and is expected to come up with his next book shortly. He blogs at