Make A Living From Your Couch - Four Jobs To Be Done From Home
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Make a Living from Your Couch - Four Jobs to be done from Home

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The economy is unstable and it seems like the job landscape seems to eradicate more jobs than it creates. But this is not the 60s anymore. The digital revolution offers many possibilities to make some money from your own home. If you have the time and the necessary skills to be a successful business man, you can easily earn some money or even make a full time living of it.

Be a Writer

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It is everyone’s dream – sitting at home typing your thoughts into the computer for the world to read. This is not what we mean. Freelance writing is a serious business that has exploded since the invention of the web. Fast Internet connections enabled talented writers from all over the globe can participate in the global business circus. More and more editorial departments outsource the production of their articles and reports to freelance writers and publishing has become far easier with ebooks, PDFs and other digital formats. Many talented and successful writers of today started as blog writers and online journalists.

Be an Affiliate Marketing Business Manager

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Many international syndicates and webmasters are using affiliate programs to boost online traffic and sales for their products. This is a great way to make some money without investing anything. Many very lucrative affiliate marketing programs are free of charge. Companies like Europartners  that hosts some of the most successful online casinos from Playtech such as , Titan Casino and Europa Casino, offer great opportunities fpr to promote their products through your websites and make some sweet money without much work from your side. If you choose affiliate marketing as your new source of income, be sure to choose a product you know well and can create meaningful content about.


Be an Artist

Do you have an artistic streak? Do you paint, sculpt or take photos? What was once a breadless craft is now one of the most common source of income for private persons. Thousands of budding artists are now subscribed to online platforms like There are many students who get themselves through college and many talented people sell their art through the Internet. Especially photographers and painters can profit from sites that take care of prints and shipping for a reasonable fee. Plus, the whole world gets to appreciate your art. So – get going!

Be a Tutor

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Many college students struggle to use the things they have learned in the off-campus world. Tutoring is the most common student job and many teachers or college educated people tutor on the side. But there are only so many students in need of tutoring in your general vicinity. Luckily, there is a solution to that problem. There are online tutoring platforms like that set you up with an account and lets you take on student via a virtual platform from all over the world. This way not only can you share your hard earned knowledge, but you can earn quite some cash off it – provided you have the right qualifications to tutor.