Time To Switch To A Responsive Web Design
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Time to switch to a responsive web design

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Responsive web design-an indispensable word in the web world, is a novel way of designing for the ever changing web trends and is the popular service offered by leading website designing company in Delhi. It allows you for a user-friendly optimized viewing and navigation that is in demand these days with the advancement in technology. Logging to your Facebook account on a desktop is a talk of the past. With the advent of smart gadgets, it is pliable to access your web pages anywhere you want. But no one likes the weird experience of opening a web page on a mobile screen, which goes scattered. You need to scroll over and again to go through various tabs and links.  A flexible solution is the “responsive website”.web desgin

In responsive design, the page automatically adjusts according to a device’s screen size (large or small) and orientation. This also helps in gaining high ranks for your website in Google.

How to know if a website is responsive?

Go to the home page of any website and shrink your browser window to about the size of a mobile phone, and watch it adjusts to fit its new size.

Why a responsive website?
1. With the mobile internet usage growing at an astronomical pace, there is a need to develop user-friendly websites.

2. Google recommends a responsive website to get a better indexing of your content online. If the design is responsive, all sites will have just one URL and the same HTML across all devices. When a company has both a mobile site and desktop site, there will be a different URL and different HTML for each. This drives Google to crawl and index multiple versions of the same exact site.

3. SEO friendly. All websites run SEO campaign to beat the competitions. If you have the separate desktop and mobile sites, you're going to have to run separate SEO campaigns for each. Thus, a responsive website is cost effective.

4. A responsive website works on a multitude of devices in the market. It will work on any latest device to be developed in future. So it's always beneficial to switch to it.

5. A responsive website design reduces the load time of the page. The possible reason to it is because a responsive website design does not require any queries in order to redirect the users to a different URL.